Accommodation Directory

Making your stay a memorable one…

In the same way there are many things to do here, you’ll find optional places to stay.

With everything from luxury resorts, family-friendly hotels, vacation rentals, condominiums, guesthouses, campgrounds and live-aboard vessels, the choices and preferences are catered to the individual traveller.

On the shorelines of the Caribbean coast or near mystical Maya sites, each location in Belize offers unique places to stay. There are accommodations to suit everyone, from adventure seekers, divers, beach vacationers, eco-tourists, family groups, honeymooners and more.

For more information, please call 227-2420.

Here is a list of the licensed accommodations in Belize:

Licensed Accommodations (Source: BTB Hotel Listing August, 2018)
Hotel Name Phone Email Hotel Website Hotel Address
Bachelor Inn Hotel 223-7310 [email protected] # 5931 Bachelor Avenue
Bay View Guest House 223-4179 [email protected] # 58 Baymen Avenue
Belcove Hotel 227-3054 [email protected] #9 Regent Street West
Belize Pickwick Hotel ()224-4477 [email protected] 160 Newtown Barracks
Bella Sombra Guest House 223-0223 [email protected] 36-B Hydes Lane
Bella Sombra Guest House Kings Park (501)203-2300 [email protected] #1 St. Mark Street, Kings Park
Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza 223-2302 [email protected] 3 1/2 Miles Philip Goldson Highway
Buy Belize Management Limited - House #5 (501)223-2121 [email protected] 151 Bradley Crescent
Buy Belize Management Limited - House #1 610-2121 [email protected] 143 Gwen Lizarraga Street
Buy Belize Management Limited - House #3 610-2121 [email protected] 4 Palm Lane, Southern Foreshore
Buy Belize Management Limited - House #4 610-2121 [email protected] 798 Bella Vista
Buy Belize Management Limited - House #7 ()610-2121 [email protected] 2701 Will & Sharpes Street
Buy Belize Management Limited - House#11 (501)223-2121 [email protected]
Caribbean Hotel (formerly Gulf Hotel) 607-9898 [email protected] 2 1/2 Miles, Philip Goldson Highway
Comodidades Delta (501)621-1393 [email protected]
Coningsby Inn 227-1566 [email protected] # 76 Regent Street
D' Nest Inn 223-5416 [email protected] #475 Cedar Steet, Belama Phase II
Diamond Motel 223-0285 [email protected] 4 1/2 Miles Philip Goldson Highway
Easy Inn 223-0380 [email protected] 2 Miles, Philip Goldson Hwy
Golden Tree Hotel 223-5053 [email protected] # 1740 Coney Drive
Harbour View Cottages ()227-8855 [email protected] 14 Fort Street
Honey's Hotel ()223-0656 [email protected] 386 Dolphin Drive, Bottunwood Bay
Lucky 7 Inn ()604-1820 [email protected]
Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina 223-3333 [email protected] #2 Marine Parade
Ramada Belize City Princess 223-2670 [email protected] 29 Newtown Barracks
Renaissance Place Ltd (501)223-2614 [email protected] 8 Newtown Barracks
Sea Breeze Guest House 203-0043 [email protected] 18 Gabourel Lane
Siesta Inn (501)224-4637 [email protected] 3 Miles, Philip Goldson Highway
TBG Bed & Breakfast ()224-5966 [email protected] #1 St. Luke Street
The Bakadeer Inn 223-0659 [email protected] # 74 Cleghorn Street
The Caribbean Palms Inn 227-0472 [email protected] the-caribbean-palms-inn.html # 26 Corner Regent & King Streets
The Great House Inn 223-3400 [email protected] #13 Cork Street, P.O. Box 85
The Red Hut Inn 223-1907 [email protected] # 90 Bella Vista, Philip Goldson Hwy
Three Star Guest House 203-3723 [email protected] #9 & #11 Meighan Avenue, Kings Park
Villa Boscardi (501)223-1691 [email protected] # 6043 Manatee Drive
Bambaleo Inn Belize 634-4429 [email protected] 724 Kingfish Avenue
Belize Boutique Resort and Spa 225-5555 [email protected] 40 1/2 Miles Old Northern Road, Maskall Village
Belize River Lodge 225-2002 [email protected] P.O. Box 459 Belize City
Bird's Eye View Lodge 203-2040 [email protected] Cooked Tree Village
Black Orchid Resort (000)000-0000 [email protected] #2 Dawson Lane
Casa del Mar (501)626-6259 [email protected] 1223 Turtle Crescent,
Crooked Tree Lodge 626-3820 [email protected] Crooked Tree Village
El Chiclero Inn 225-9005 [email protected] Burell Boom Village
Gentle's Cool Spot (501)665-5667 Gales Point Village
Global Village Hotel 225-2555 [email protected] 8 1/2 Miles Philip Goldson Highway Ladyville Village
Highway Trails Resort 225-5540 [email protected] Mile 27 1/2, Old Northern Road, c/o P.O. Box 2152, Belize City
Howler House Vacation Rental ()663-8636 [email protected] # 1 Howler House Road
Howler Monkey Resort 607-1571 [email protected] Bermudan Landing Village
Kingdom of Caerus ()225-5808 [email protected] Titoff Place, 24.5 Old Northern Highway
Leaning Palm Resort ()651-8084 [email protected] 3 miles South Manatee Bar River
Manatee Lodge 532-2400 [email protected] Gales Point
Nature Resort 223-6115 [email protected] P.O. Box 377
Riverbend Resort Bed & Breakfast 610-5584 [email protected] #2 Keller Road
See Belize Tours and Events Planning ()223-4465 [email protected] #3 Mangrove Estate
The Savannah Guest House 822-8005 [email protected] Miles 28.5 George Price Highway
Tillett's Village Lodge (501)610-4290 [email protected] c/o Sean Perriott, Crooked Tree Village Post Office
Triple B Beck's Bed & Breakfast 633-3398 [email protected] becksbed& Crooked Tree Village
Tropical Education Center ()822-8000 [email protected] P.O. Box 178, Belmopan City
West Lake Park Motel ()610-2830 [email protected] 8 Miles, George Price Highway
Yellow Bell Guest House 661-3094 [email protected] Gales Point, Manatee
Alta Vista Accommodations 206-0055 [email protected] Avenida Mulche
Amanda's Place 226-0547 [email protected] Front Street
Anchorage Resort 206-0304 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
Auxillou Beach Suites ()601-9907 [email protected] Beach Front
Axios Apartments ()660-1641 [email protected] 49 Pasero Street
Axios of The Sun II ()660-1641 [email protected] Bahia Puesia Del Sol
Barefoot Beach Belize 226-0205 [email protected] 76 Playa Asuncion
Barefoot Caribe Hotel 226-0161 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco, Beach Front
Bay Breezes Apartments 636-4820 [email protected] 227 Bahia Puesto al Sol
Beachside Cottage 226-0029 [email protected] Sea Grape Drive
Bella's ()637-1544 [email protected] www.bellasinbelize General Delivery, Crocodile Street
Birdhouses ()226-0620 [email protected] 12 Alamina Drive
Blue Wave Guest House 206-0114 [email protected] General Delivery Front Street
Bonita's Bayside (501)615-0527 [email protected] P.O. Box 88
Botanical Paradise 600-4978 [email protected] Avenida Mangle
Canuck Cottages (501)630-1008 [email protected] Avenida Mangle,
Carolyn's House 226-0029 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
Casa Ciiclee 637-5811 [email protected] Luciano Reyes Street
Casa Esmeralda 604-5353 [email protected] 82 Avenida Hicaco
Casa Jessita 607-1440 [email protected] Middle Street (Pass School)
Casa Vista Guest House (501)607-0047 [email protected]
Cascada Maya ltd (501)634-5844 [email protected]
Casita Bella Vida 600-4780 [email protected] VRBO #11 South Point
Caye Caulker Beach Hotel ()226-0288 [email protected] Front Street
Caye Caulker Condos 226-0072 [email protected] Calle Almendro
Caye Caulker Panorama Apartments (501)625-2628 [email protected]
Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel 226-0780 [email protected] Avenida Langosta & Calle del Sol General Delivery
Caye Reef Condos 226-0382 [email protected] Park Street
Caye Rentals 600-4978 [email protected] Avenida Mangle
Chapitos Apartments ()636-4820 [email protected] Corner Avenida Langosta & Luciana Reyes Street
Chila's Beach Front Studio 630-3668 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco, General Delivery
China Town Hotel 226-0228 [email protected] Estrella Street, Caye Caulker
Coconut Grove (501)615-0527 [email protected] Sea Grape Drive
Colinda Cabanas 226-0383 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
Comfortably Numb ()602-4416 [email protected] Block 12 Parcel 3
Cosmo Cabins ()610-0240 [email protected]
Costa Maya Beach Cabanas 226-0432 [email protected] Front Street
De Real Macaw 226-0459 [email protected] General Delivery, Avenida Hicaco
Diane's Beach House 226-0628 [email protected] P.O. Box 63
Enjoy Hotel ()615-8883 [email protected] Pasero Street
Foshay Tower (501)607-7295 [email protected] 545 Alamina Drive
Go Slow Hotel 626-9088 [email protected] Calle La Posa
Gumbo Limbo Cabana 226-0484 [email protected] Avenida Pueblo Nuevo
Hawk's Nest (50)166-2480 [email protected] [email protected]
Hidden Treasure Vacation Home (501)610-3231 [email protected]
Hummingbird Cottage 226-0382 [email protected] P.O. Box 88
Ignacio's Beach Cabins 226-0175 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
Iguana Reef Inn 226-0213 [email protected] Chapoose Street, P.O. Box 31
Indigo Pearl 610-0240 [email protected] South Side, Parcel 65
Island Cheers 206-0510 [email protected] Avenida Mulche
Island Magic Beach Resort 226-0505 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco
J & S Guest House (501)615-0936 [email protected] Mulche Avenue
Jaguar Morning Star Guest House 633-2811 [email protected] #12 Avenida Pueblo Nuevo, Caye Caulker
Jan's Place Hotel & Apartment 226-0173 [email protected] 52 Hicaco Avenue
Jeremiah's Inn (501)625-2618 [email protected] Front Street, Caye Caulker
Jungle Cocoon (501)630-8396 [email protected] Avenida Mulche
Kimber's Banana Cabana 607-1440 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
La Cubana Hostel, Sleep Box 226-0546 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco
La Isla Resort 226-0374 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco, P. O. Box 4
La Sirena Guest House 621-4480 [email protected] P.O. Box 88, Caye Caulker
La Vida Perazosa ()226-0382 [email protected]
Leeside Rooms 226-0020 [email protected] Alux Street
Lena's Guest House 607-6480 [email protected] P. O. Box 1,
Lorraine's Guest House (501)610-2030 [email protected] Avenida Asuncion, General Delivery
Louise's Oceanfront Suites 226-0603 [email protected] Play Asuncion
Low Caye Cottages 600-4978 [email protected] Alamina Drive
M & N Hotel Apartments 226-0229 [email protected] Chapoose Street, P.O. Box 21
Macaw Apartments (501)620-4405 [email protected]
Mara's Place Guest House 600-0080 [email protected] Lot #27 Hicaco Avenue
Marin's Guest House ()226-0444 [email protected] Estrella Street
Marin's Premier (501)628-6145 [email protected] Estrella Street, Caye Caulker
Marliny's Guest House ()226-0064 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco
Maxhapan Cabins 226-0118 [email protected] Pueblo Nuevo Avenue
Mayan Vacation Rental (501)621-1393 [email protected] # 5 Avenue Vioco
Miss Ellas Guest House 206-0029 [email protected] Calle Almendra
Moonlight Villas (501)615-0527 [email protected] Avenida Chechem
Morgan's Inn 226-0178 [email protected]; [email protected] Avenida Hicaco-Front Steet
Mo's Cozy Cabanas ()628-8551 [email protected] 40 Park Street
Oasi Apartment Rentals (501)623-9404 [email protected] #9 Avenida Mangle
Ocean Pearle Royale Hotel 226-0074 [email protected] Park Street, Caye Caulker
Pancho's Villas 226-0304 [email protected] Pasero Street
Parky's Place 600-4978 [email protected] Avenida Mangle
Pause Accomodation ()624-7076 [email protected]
Picololo Studio Apartments 226-0371 [email protected] Avenida Mulche
Princesa Angienelle ()530-3344 [email protected] www.vacasa 53 Avenida Chechem
Pura Vida Inn 226-0616 [email protected] Beach Front
Rainbow Hotel 226-0123 [email protected] Front Street,
Raul's Rooms (501)624-7772 [email protected] Travelers Palm Street
Reef House 600-4978 [email protected] Avenida Mangle, General Delivery
Rock N' Reggae ()604-5660 [email protected] Lind Coral
Rosco's Faymous Hideaway (501)604-5550 [email protected] #4 Mangle Street
Sailwinds Beach Suites 226-0075 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
Sandy Lane Guest House & Cabanas 226-0117 [email protected] Avenida Langosta & Chapoose Street
Sapphire House 226-0029 [email protected] Avenida Mangle
Sea Dreams Hotel 226-0602 [email protected] Hattie Street
Sea N Sun Guest House 206-0610 [email protected]
Seabeezzz 226-0176 [email protected] P. O. Box 812
Seaside Cabanas 226-0498 [email protected] Beachfront
Seaside Villas ()226-0382 [email protected] Beachfront Street
SLO-N-EZ Villas ()630-1008 [email protected]
Sophie's Guest Rooms (501)661-2715 [email protected] Almond Street, Caye Caulker
Spoonbilll House (501)628-8551 [email protected]
Sundance Villas (501)615-0527 [email protected] Xocoi Street
Sunny Cabana ()628-8551 [email protected] 40 Park Street
The Club at Caye Caulker (501)226-0032 [email protected] 90 Avenida Hicaco
The French Lady Guest House ()226-0382 [email protected] P.O. Box 2
The Roughrider Inn 637-5811 [email protected] Ocean Academy Street
The Stoned Crab Hideaway 637-5811 [email protected] Calle Almendra
The Tranquila Caye 226-0029 [email protected] Ocean Academy Drive
Three Little Birds Guest House (501)615-0527 [email protected] P.O. Box 88
Travellers Palm Backpackers Hostel (501)666-4659 [email protected]
Tree Tops Guest House 226-0240 [email protected] Playa Asuncion
Trellis House (501)630-1023 [email protected] Mayne's Street
Tropical Dream Vacation Rentals (501)637-5811 [email protected] 148 Corner Elma Novelo & Avenida Mangle
Tropical Oasis 629-0511 [email protected] General Delivery, La Poza Street
Tropical Paradise Hotel 226-0124 [email protected] Corner Ave Hicaco & Luciano Reyes Street, P.O. Box 4
Valarosa (501)615-0527 [email protected] Avenida Chochem
Vega Inn and Gardens 226-0142 [email protected] facebook: Vega Inn Vega Beach, Caye Caulker
Velento (501)663-8607 [email protected]/ [email protected]/ [email protected] Playa Asunsion
Villa Almendra 226-0029 [email protected] Avenida Mangle
Villa Gemma (501)600-4978 [email protected] Avenida Mulche
Villa Hermosa 226-0382 [email protected] P.O. Box 88, Caye Caulker
Vista del Mar Guest House 206-0357 [email protected] Avenida Hicaco
Weezie's Cabin 226-0603 [email protected] Avenida Chechen
Yocamatsu Bed & Breakfast ()615-2653 [email protected] Chapoose Street
Yuma's House Belize 206-0019 [email protected] Playa Asuncion, General Delivery
Acropolis Maya Hotel 804-4054 [email protected] #4 Church Street
Aguada Hotel 804-3609 [email protected] #1 Aguada Street
Aliana's Villas (501)601-7854 [email protected]
Amber Sunset Jungle Resort 824-3141 [email protected] No. 4792 Coney Drive
Avana Villa 651-3877 [email protected] Mile 69 on the George Price Highway
Banana Bank Lodge 832-2020 [email protected] Mile 47.5 George Price Highway
Belize Cultural Adventure Guesthouse ()661-6039 [email protected] Teakettle Village
Belize Jungle Dome (501)628-8550 [email protected] P.O. Box 541
Bella's Jungle Farm (201)600-2399 [email protected]
Bella's Backpackers Hostel 824-2248 [email protected] #4 Galvez Street
Belmopan Bed & Breakfast 822-0176 [email protected] 8 Trio Street P.O. Box 338, Belmopan City
Belmopan Sunview Inn (501)634-5514 [email protected] c/o #119 Commerce Street
Benque Guest House (501)632-2726 [email protected] 76 George Street
Better in Belize Eco Lodge 678-9000 [email protected] 10 1/2 miles Mollejon Road
Black Rock Expedition Limited 834-4038 [email protected] P.O. Box 121 San Ignacio Town
Blancaneaux Lodge 824-3878 [email protected] www.thefamilycoppolahideaway P.O. Box B, Central Farm Post Office
Bull Frog Inn 822-2111 [email protected] # 25 Half Moon Avenue, P.O. Box 28
Cahal Pech Village Resort 824-3740 [email protected] Cahal Pech Hill P.O. Box #1
Calico Jack's Resort ( and Zipline) 832-2478 [email protected] [email protected] P.O. Box 265
Camalote Camp [email protected] P.O. Box 316, Belmopan City
Casa Blanca Guest House 824-2080 [email protected] # 10 Burns Avenue
Casa Hill View (501)600-7061 [email protected] Lot 2, Venus Street, Hill View area, Santa Elena
Casa Santa Maria (119)572-7907 [email protected]
Casa Sofia 824-2161 [email protected] P.O. Box 86
Casitas Calinas 666-1000 [email protected] Young Gial Road
Cassia Hill Resort (501)615-1256 [email protected] Mile 68 George Price Highway
Caves Branch Jungle Lodge 610-3451 [email protected] P.O. Box 356, Belmopan
Central O' tel ()668-3567 [email protected] 24 Burns Avenue
Chaya Maya Jungle Lodge (303)264-8333 [email protected] Young Gal Road
Checo Hill (501)664-8682 [email protected] 7 Miles El Progresso Village
Cheers Cabanas 822-8014 [email protected] P.O. Box 346
Chiquibul Ranch (612)709-7222 [email protected] Mile 6 Mountain Pine Ridge Road
Clarissa Falls Cottages 833-3116 [email protected] Mile 70 George Price Highway
Cocopele Inn 620-3055 [email protected] 26 George Price Highway
Cohune Palms River Cabanas 609-2738 [email protected] # 6 Far West Street
Crystal Paradise Resort ()615-9361 [email protected] Cristo Rey Village
Dream Valley Belize Ltd. ()822-2001 [email protected] P.O. Box 729
Eastern Guest House 625-9018 [email protected] #1018 Constitution Drive, General Delivery
El Rey Hotel 822-3438 [email protected] #23 Moho Street, P.O. Box 320
Elvira's Guest House ()637-2394 [email protected]
Falcon Hill Lodge 651-7222 [email protected] 6 1/2 miles Mountain Pine Ridge Road
Flores Villas Hotel 823-2195 [email protected] 92 Lomas Del Rodeo, Benque Viejo Town
Gaia Riverlodge 834-4024 [email protected] P.O. Box 173, San Ignacio Town
Ghan Eden Belize (501)670-5984 [email protected] 1000 Camino Del Rio
Global Nomads Belize Ltd-The Treehouse ()669-5061 [email protected] Paslow Falls Road, Bullet Tree Village
GM Suites Bed & Breakfast 822-0477 [email protected] 6/8 Starkey Hill Street, Belmopan Heights
Green Valley Inn ()605-4640 [email protected] P. O. Box 598 Belmopan,
Gumbo Limbo Jungle Resort 650-3112 [email protected] P.O. Box 245, San Ignacio Town
Hacienda Tropical Guest House 822-0674 [email protected] #1 St. Paul Street, Corner San Martin Avenue
Happy Happy Inn (501)615-9708 [email protected] Mile 44 on the George Price Highway
Hibiscus Hotel 822-0400 [email protected] P.O. Box 219,
Hidden Haven (501)608-9820 [email protected] Mile 58 George Price Highway
Hidden Valley Inn 822-3320 [email protected] 4 miles Cooma Cairn-Baldi Beacon Road, Mountain Pine Ridge
Hi-Et Guest House 824-2828 [email protected] #12 West Street, San Ignacio Town
Hode's Place ()804-2522 [email protected]
Home Hill Apartments 634-0687 [email protected] #2 Martin Galvez Blvd, Cahal Pech Area
Hotel El Pilar 824-3059 Bullet Tree Falls Village c/o #7 Burns Avenue
Hotel Tia Maria 824-2825 [email protected] 38 West Street San Ignacio Town
Inn The Bush 670-6364 [email protected] Macaw Bank Road
J & R Guest House (501)622-4389 [email protected] # 20 Far West Street
Jaguar Creek 610-2034 [email protected] P.O. Box 446, Belmopan
Juntos Conference & Cottages LTD (501)623-0369 [email protected] Young Gyal Road
Ka'ana Resort 824-3350 [email protected] Mile 69 1/4 George Price Highway
Kane Villas (501)615-3714 [email protected] Mountain Pine Ridge
Kantara Ku Jungle Escape (501)630-4505 [email protected] #34 Hummingbird Highway
Kenmar's Bed & Breakfast (501)600-5450 [email protected] 22 / 24 Halfmoon Avenue P.O. Box 70, Belmopan City
Kiki Witz (501)610-1994 [email protected] 46 Miles George Price Highway
King Bed Resort (501)636-1630 [email protected] 46.5 Miles Western Highway
Kukulkan Villa 635-3097 [email protected] Shawville Area, P.O. Box 255
La Casa Del Caballo Blanco (707)974-4182 [email protected] Bullet Tree
LA's Guest House ()666-4345 [email protected] 18th Street, Benque Road, San Ignacio
Lazy Cat Guest House (501)621-2822 [email protected]
Love Kiss Motel 822-0098 [email protected] #7 Barton Creek Street
Lower Dover Field Station (501)834-4200 [email protected] P.O. Box 346
Lucina's Guest House (501)608-9940 [email protected]
Lucky Dreamer Ltd ()671-1515 [email protected]
Macaw Bank Jungle Lodge 665-7241 [email protected] Mile 2 Mystic River Road
Mahogany Hall Resort 664-7747 [email protected] Paslow Falls Rd, Bullet Tree Falls Village
Mallorca Hotel 824-2960 [email protected] #12 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town
Mana-Kai Camping & Cabins 624-6538 [email protected] [email protected] #1 Savannah Street
Mariposa Jungle Lodge ()670-2113 [email protected] P.O. Box 327, San Ignacio Town
Martha's Guest House 804-3647 [email protected] #10 West Street
Maxim's Palace Hotel 823-2360 [email protected] #44 Church Hill St, Benque Viejo Town
Maya Bella Downtown Hotel ()615-5593 [email protected] 36 Burns Avenue
Maya Hill Lodge ()625-3848 [email protected]
Maya Hotel 663-1683 #11 George Street, Benque Viejo Town
Maya Mountain Lodge 824-2164 [email protected] 3/4 Cristo Rey Road, Santa Elena Town
Midas Resort 824-3172 [email protected] Branch Mouth Road
Miss Dof's Guest Home (501)824-4808 [email protected]
Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (501)650-3964 [email protected] www.monkey P.O. Box 270, Belmopan
Moonracer Farm Lodging and Tours Ltd (501)671-5748 [email protected] P.O. Box 183, San Ignacio Town
Mountain Equestrian Trails 669-1124 [email protected] Mile 8 Chiquibul Road
Mystic River Resort 834-4100 [email protected] Mile 6, Cristo Rey Village Road
Nabitunich -The Stone Cottages 661-1536 [email protected] General Delivery, Benque Viejo Post Office
Nina's Place (501)637-6701 [email protected] 57 Miles George Price Highway, Blackman Eddy Village
Pacz Guest House (501)804-3647 [email protected] #4 West Street
Parrot Nest Lodge 669-6068 [email protected]
Pine Ridge Lodge (501)635-4584 [email protected] Mile 14, Augustine Road
Plaza Hotel 824-2040 # 5A Burns Avenue, P.O. Box 135
Pook's Hill 832-2017 [email protected] Roaring River Valley
Rainforest Haven Inn 665-6005 [email protected] #11 Mosiah Street
River Park Inn 824-2116 [email protected] #13 Branch Mouth Road
River Wildlife Sanctuary (501)633-1716 [email protected]
Riverside Resort Cabanas 633-0266 Bullet Tree Falls Village
Roaring River Golf & Accommodation 822-4653 [email protected] Roaring River Drive, Roaring Creek
Rock Farm Guest House ()610-0400 [email protected] Rock Farm, Roaring Creek
Rolson Hotel 824-2730 [email protected] #24 Crenshaw Street
Rosa's Hotel ()804-2265 [email protected] # 65 Hudson Street
Rumors Resort Hotel (501)651-2481 [email protected] 2 1/2 Miles, Benque Road c/o P.O. Box 230, San Ignacio Town
San Ignacio Resort Hotel 824-2034 [email protected] #18 Buena Vista Street
Santa Cruz Cabins (501)665-6464 [email protected]
Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge ()822-0037 [email protected] P.O. Box 72, Belmopan City
Sun Moon Star Motel 636-1066 [email protected] #1 Dean & College Boulevard
Sunflower Inn 832-2215 [email protected] 45 1/2 Miles George Price Highway
Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge (501)824-3101 [email protected] Chial Road
Table Rock Jungle Lodge 834-4040 [email protected] Mile 5, Cristo Rey Road
The Garden House (501)601-8477 [email protected]
The Inn at Twin Palms (501)667-6843 [email protected] #5 Iuana Drive, Belmopan City
The Lodge at Chaa Creek 824-2037 [email protected] Chaa Creek Road, San Ignacio
The Log Cab-Inn 824-3367 [email protected] Mile 68 George Price Highway
The Macal River Camp 824-2037 [email protected] P.O. Box 53, San Ignacio Town
The New Belmoral Hotel 804-3502 [email protected] P.O. Box 9, San Ignacio Town
The Old House Hostel 623-1342 [email protected] #3 Buena Vista Street
The Orange Guest House 824-2341 [email protected] Mile 60 George Price Highway
The Trek Stop (501)660-7895 [email protected] 71 1/2 Goerge price Highway
Touch of Class Comfort Inn ()652-9391 Perez Street Santa Elena Town
Tree Of Life Eco Guest House [email protected]
Tree Tops ()678-9000 [email protected] 10.5 Mls Mollejon Road
Tropicool Hotel 804-3052 [email protected] #30 Burns Avenue San Ignacio Town
Vanilla Hills Lodge 634-0011 [email protected] Vanilla Hills Road
Venus Hotel 824-3203 [email protected] #29 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town
Villa Cayo (501)615-1945 [email protected] 1.5 Miles Cristo Rey Road
Villa Maya (501)621-1393 [email protected] South Block 23
Villa San Juan 610-0618 [email protected] #17 Tangelo Street
Wish Willy River Cabanas (501)608-9988 [email protected]
Yam Wits 822-2906 [email protected] Mile 35.5 Hummingbird Highway
Yarl Villa (501)223-5526 [email protected]
Yim Saan Hotel 822-1356 [email protected] 4253 Hummingbird Highway Belmopan City
Aldy's Guest House 602-4685 [email protected] 11th Avenue & Santa Rita Road
Almond Tree Hotel Resort 422-0006 [email protected] #425 Bayshore Drive South End
Backpackers Paradise 423-2016 [email protected] Bandera Road, Sarteneja Village
Cerros Beach Inn 623-9530 [email protected] P.O. Box 317, Corozal Town
City Light Guest House (501)626-4296 [email protected] 6th Avenue
Copper Horse Inn 671-4663 [email protected] Corner at 4 th Street North & 2nd Avenue
Coral Cottages 422-0088 [email protected] 8th Avenue
CSFI - Shipstern Conservation & Management Area 660-1807 [email protected] Sarteneja Village
Fernando's Seaside Guest House 423-2085 [email protected] #62 North Front Street, Sarteneja Village
Gibson's Guest House ()403-8006 [email protected] #14 Narcist Street, Altamira
Hok'ol Kin Guest House 422-3329 [email protected] P.O. Box 145
Hotel Maya 422-2082 [email protected] South End Corozal
Hotel Posada Mama 623-4340 # 77 - 21st of September Street
Las Palmas Hotel 422-0196 [email protected] #123 - 5th Avenue
Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 423-7000 [email protected] 91.5 Mile Phillip Goldson Highway
Maya World Guest House 666-3577 [email protected] P.O. Box 218
Mayra's Guest House (501)605-1106 [email protected] North Front Street, Sarteneja Village
Miracle Hotel 422-0575 [email protected] #54 South End, Corozal Town
Mirador Hotel 422-0189 [email protected] Corner 4th Avenue & 2nd Street South
Orchid Bay Beach Club Casitas 650-1925 [email protected] Tradewinds Hospitality, General Delivery Orchid Bay, Chunux Village
Orchid Bay Seafront Condos ()650-1925 [email protected] Orchid Bay, Chunun Village
Princess International (Freezone) Limited 423-7652 [email protected] #1 Freedom Avenue, CFZ Corozal Santa Elena Border
Sarteneja Homestay 634-8032 [email protected] c/o Ivett Cobb, Sarteneja Village
Sarteneja Inn (501)423-2014 [email protected]
Serenity Sands Bed & Breakfast 669-2394 [email protected] 50 Serenity Lane, Corozal
Stone Sea Breeze (501)402-3052 [email protected] #23, 1st Avenue
Sunset Bay Guesthouse (501)669-7429 [email protected] Carlos Cruz Street,
The Crimson Orchid Inn (501)671-2000 [email protected] Crimson Orchid Inn, Orchid Bay
The Smuggler's Den ()600-9723 [email protected] P.O. Box 351, Corozal Town
Tilt - Ta - Dock Resort ()660-9692 [email protected] #1 George Price Lane
Tony's Inn And Beach Resort 422-2055 [email protected] South End P.O. Box 12,
Belcove Island Lodge 227-3054 [email protected] # 9 Regent Street West
Blackbird Caye Resort 232-9711 [email protected] Blackbird Caye, Turneffe Atoll P.O. Box 1843
Calypso Beach Retreat 223-2077 [email protected] Long Caye, Lighthouose Reef Atoll c/o P.O. Box 2284
Enchanted Waters Holdings (501)667-9419
Half Moon Caye Natural Monument 223-4987 [email protected] Half Moon Caye
Huracan Diving LTD 623-9887 [email protected] P.O. Box 487, Belize City
Royal Palm Caye Resort 223-4999 [email protected] Little Frenchman Caye
St. George's Caye Resort 673-4444 [email protected]
Turneffe Flats Resort 232-9022 [email protected] Northern Bogue, Turneffe Atoll
Billy Hawk Caye Lodge 502-0300 [email protected] #2689 Wagierale Area
Bird Island Placencia (501)650-6766 [email protected] Lark Caye Range
Blue Marlin Beach Resort 522-2243 [email protected] 15 Mahogany Street, P.O. Box 21, Dangriga Town
Coco Plum Island Resort 522-2200 [email protected] 3.5 Miles
Coral Caye (501)523-3150 [email protected] 3 Miles coast of Placencia Village
Fairweather's Place 802-0030 [email protected] P.O. Box 294, Belmopan City
Gill's Cove 620-1447 [email protected] Tobacco Caye
Glover's Atoll Resort Ltd 532-2916 [email protected] P.O. Box 2215
Glover's Guest House 604-0487 [email protected] P.O. Box 2215
Hatchet Caye Resort 533-4446 [email protected] 18 miles off the shores of Placencia
Hideaway Caye (501)669-4069 [email protected] Pelican Cayes
Isla Marisol Resort 532-2056 [email protected] P.O. Box 10, Dangriga Town
Island Adventures Campground 522-3328 [email protected] South West Caye c/o P.O. Box 106, Dangriga Town
IZE Cottages 580-2000 [email protected] South Water Caye
Jean's Place 653-0212 [email protected] # 20 Commerce Street,
Joe Jo's By The Reef 610-1647 [email protected] Tobacco Caye
Little Peter Oasis Ltd (71)354-2417 [email protected]
Long Caye Adventure Camp 223-4129 [email protected] Long Caye, Glovers Reef
Off the Wall Dive Center 532-2929 [email protected] P.O. Box 195, Dangriga Town
Pelican's Pouch (501)522-2044 [email protected] South Water Caye
Ranguana Caye Cabanas (501)523-3304 [email protected] Ranguana Caye
Reef Conservation International (REEFCI) (501)664-3507 [email protected] Tom Owens Caye, Sapodilla Cayes Marine Park
Reef's End Lodge 676-8363 [email protected] P.O. Box 325, Dangriga Town
Royal Belize Vacations ()672-6970 [email protected] Ragged Caye
Tarpon Caye Lodge (501)667-8077 [email protected]
Thatch Caye Resort [email protected] Thatch Caye, CocoPlum Range
The Windward Lodge (501)532-2033 [email protected] Tobacco Caye
Tobacco Caye Paradise Cabins 532-2101 [email protected] 1737 Mugoon Street
Turneffe Island Resort 532-2990 [email protected] P.O. Box 480
Whipray Caye Fishing Lodge (501)632-9104 [email protected] General Delivery, Placencia Village
Yok Ha Resort (501)522-3802 [email protected] # 1211North Riverside Street
Akihito Hotel 302-0185 [email protected] #22 Belize / Corozal Road
Blue Creek Hillside Bed & Breakfast 323-0155 [email protected] #155 Linda Vista, Blue Creek Village
Chan Chich Lodge 223-4419 [email protected] #1 King Street, P. O. Box 37
Come and Dine Resturant and Hotel (501)322-3420 [email protected] Corner Philip Goldson Highway & Chan Pine Ridge Road
D * Victoria Hotel 322-2518 [email protected] #40 Corozal Road, Orange Walk Town
El Gran Mestizo (501)322-1800 [email protected] Naranjal Street P.O. Box 83
Gami's Hotel 302-2579 [email protected] Guadalupe Street, Trial Farm
Gonzalez Guest House 668-8593 Indian Church Village
Hill Bank Field Station ()615-3900 [email protected] Rio Bravo Conservation and Managment Area, Orange Walk
Hotel De La Fuente 322-2290 [email protected] #14 Main Street
La Enramada Cabanas 302-2868 #5 Gristock Street
La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center ()615-3900 [email protected] P.O. Box 749, Belize City
La Rosita Guest House 323-0445 [email protected] P.O. Box 207,
Lamanai Hotel 670-7846 [email protected] Tower Hill
Lamanai Outpost Lodge (501)670-4468 [email protected] Indian Church
Lamanai Riverside Retreat 302-3955 [email protected] www.lamanairiversideretreat Lamanai Alley, Orange Walk Town
Lucia's Guest House (501)633-1031 [email protected] # 68 San Antonio Road
Maria Isabel Hotel (501)602-4984 [email protected] #7 Princess Diana Street
St. Christopher's Hotel (501)632-1064 [email protected] #10 Main Street
The Green Guest House 667-0913 [email protected] Indian Church Village Post Office
Victor's Inn 202-0183 Petville Area, Orange Walk Town
A Belizean Nirvana 523-3331 [email protected] Westby Way, Placencia Village
Affairs To Remember ()670-6959 [email protected] Mile Post 15
Agua Villa 533-8040 [email protected] Maya Beach
Ahmaya Sunset Rentals (250)699-1688 [email protected] 742 Walker Road
Ally's Guest House 523-3263 [email protected] Placencia Bay Subdivsion
Anda the Hows Hostel 523-3306 [email protected] Jew Fish Lane
Angel's Landing 602-4343 [email protected] #252 Caribbean Way
Aurora Beach (501)667-6026 [email protected]
Bamboo Gardens 628-6447 [email protected] c/o Erin Ivy, Main Street Placencia
Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows 533 -8110 [email protected] 706 Maya Beach Way
Bayshore ()604-8910 [email protected]
Belize Ocean Club ()671-4500 [email protected] General Delivery, Placencia Village
Belize Paradise Cabanas Rentals 604-7758 [email protected] Cashew Tree Crescent
BJ's Amir Guest House 523-3131 [email protected] Percy / Betty Neal, Placencia Village
Blue Garden House (501)605-0586 [email protected] Harbour Place - north
Blue Sky Hotel 523-3319 [email protected] Main Street
Brisa Oceano Resort [email protected]
Bull's Beach Cabanas 628-0106 [email protected] Sidewalk on beach, Placencia Village
BV Investment/ Mission Bay (501)280-0024 [email protected] Maya Beach
Capp's Inn (501)622-1172 [email protected] Stefano Ragagnin, Placencia Village
Captain Jak's (501)523-3448 [email protected] Main Road
Captain's House & Crow's Nest 523-3117 [email protected] On side walk- North
Caribbean Beach Cabanas 622-4142 [email protected] Placencia Village
Caribbean Rental Delites 621-2182 [email protected] 686 Maya Beach way
Caribbean Way Villa 602-4343 [email protected] Luselie Linarez, Placencia Village
Carol's Cabanas (501)600-8328 [email protected] Main Street
Casa Beya / Seagrape Escape (501)636-9586 [email protected]
Casa Chachalaca (802)694-1660 [email protected]
Casa de la Paz (501)625-4026 [email protected] Lot # 1 Roberts Grove Marina
Casa De La Vista 621-2182 [email protected] c/o Leonidas Ramirez, Placencia Village
Casa Laguna Vista (501)621-2182 [email protected] Mile marker #14 - Placencia Road
Casa Marina (501)621-1393 19.6 Miles Placencia Road
Casa Nettuno (501)523-3624 [email protected] P.O. Box 203, San Ignacio Town
Casa Palma 628-7922 cas[email protected] North Beach, Placencia Village
Casa Placencia 503-3143 [email protected] Placencia Road
Casa Sunsandsea (972)215-7434 [email protected] Manatee Bay Estates, Surfside
Chabil Mar 523-3606 [email protected] Placencia Road
Coconut Cottage 523-3234 [email protected] On Side Walk
Coconut Inn (501)605-0586 [email protected] Tablayta St.
Colibri House 605-0586 [email protected] Stefano Ragagnin, Placencia Village
Condo Villa by the Beach
Coral Cove Inn ()600-9847 [email protected]
Cozy Corner Hotel 523-3540 [email protected] Point, Placencia Village
Crocodile Creek Cabanas 631-5918 General Delivery, Placencia
Deb & Dave's Last Resort 523-3207 [email protected] Back Road, South of Scotia Bank
Decked Out House (501)605-0586 [email protected] c/o Erik Roede, General Delivery
Dolce Cabana 604-6214 [email protected] Harbour Place South Road
Dreamsicle 533-8040 [email protected] c/o Ellen Lee, Maya Beach Placencia
Driftwood Gardens Guesthouse (501)600-2599 [email protected]
Easy Living Apartments (501)523-3524 [email protected] P.O. Box 250
Estrella Mare 523-3481 [email protected] Placencia Village
Evan's Place 628-0106 [email protected] General Delivery, Placencia Village
Finca (501)607-7038 [email protected] Placencia
Flip Flop Palace 533-8040 [email protected] Maya Beach
Gladden Caye Resort Limited (501)280-0024 [email protected]
Green Parrot Beach Houses & Resort 533-8188 [email protected] 1 Maya Beach, Placencia Village
Green Tower House (501)670-6959 [email protected] Mile Post 8, Caribbean Way
Hardcore Fishing Charters Lodge (501)523-3616 [email protected] Lot #2075, Sunset Point Drive
Harry's Cozy Cabanas 523-3155 [email protected] Sunset Pointe
Heaven's Gate Beach Bungalow ()634-2598 [email protected] Placencia Village
Hibiscus Beach Properties ()615-3287 [email protected] Main Street
High Tide Guest House 607-6081 [email protected] General Delivery, Placencia
Hummingbird House at Placencia Caye Ltd 607-7925 [email protected] #3 Placencia Caye
Imperius Rex (501)614-1766 Sidewalk, Beach Front
Joya Del Mar 533-8040 [email protected] c/o Ellen Lee, Maya Beach Placencia
Julia's Guest House 503-3478 [email protected] Leslie Street
Kat Casa (999)000-0000 [email protected] Stefano Ragagnin, Kat Casa, Placencia Village
Khalkob's Estate (501)615-9150 [email protected] 3 BUcknors Street
King Leweys Island Resort ()543-4010 [email protected] 12 Miles Offshore
Kiskadee Cove ()670-6959 [email protected] Mile Post 16
Kitty's Place Seaview Guest House ()668-2011 [email protected] Kitty's Place Subdivison
La Maison Blanche ()670-6959 [email protected] Plantation, Placencia- Mile Post 13
Laguna Gecko (501)280-0024 [email protected] Maya Beach, Placencia
Laru Beya Resort 523-3476 [email protected] Mile 19.75 Miles Placencia Road
Little Harvest Caye (501)280-0124 [email protected] 1 Mile South West, Placencia Village
Los Porticos 523-3227 [email protected] Main Street
Lost Reef Resort 610-0816 [email protected] Lot 1 Riversdale
Luxury Beach House (501)602-4343 [email protected] www.vrbo.com229207 Caribbean Way
Lydia's Guest House 523-3117 [email protected] On the sidewalk- North
Macovy Blues Guest House 600-6284 [email protected] Miguel Usher, Placencia Village
Manatee Inn 523-4083 [email protected] Placencia Village, Habour Place
Mangro Place (501)669-9895 [email protected] c/o Tom Hitchcock, Mangrove Way
Mariposa 1630 634-8702 [email protected] Sunset Point
Mariposa Bed & Breakfast 523-4474 [email protected] 200 Meters South of Placencia Village
Maya Beach Hotel 533-8040 [email protected] General Delivery, Maya Beach Placencia
Maya Breeze Inn 666-5238 [email protected] Lot #5 Maya Beach
Maya Lodge 605-0586 [email protected] Stefano Ragagnin, Placencia Village
Maya Moon Cottage ()670-6959 [email protected] 713 Maya Beach Way
Mayatopia ()670-6959 [email protected] Maya Beach Mile Post 15
Mi Sastun 636-1889 [email protected] c/o Leonidas Ramirez, Placencia Village
Michelo Suites 523-3519 [email protected] Placencia Road
Miller's Landing 523-3010 [email protected] General Delivery, Placencia Village
Ming's Hotel (501)605-9088 [email protected] Main Street, Placencia Village
Miramar Apartments 523-3658 [email protected] On the Side Walk
Naia Resort & Spa ()523-4600 [email protected] Mile 17.5 Placencia
Ocean's Edge Beach House ()670-6959 [email protected] 49 Maya Beach Way
One Particular Harbour 637-1481 [email protected] Mile 11 Placencia Road
Paradise Vacation Hotel 523-3179 [email protected] Placencia Village
Pearl Beach Dome House 605-0586 [email protected] Stefano Ragagnin, Placencia Village
Pelican Perch 637-1481 [email protected] Mile 13 Placencia Road
Placencia Beach House (501)664-9264 [email protected] c/o Jenny Lou Nicolait, General Delivery Placencia Village
Placencia Golf Carts and Villas (501)615-6404 [email protected] Main Road
Placencia Guest House 665-0800 [email protected] General Delivery
Placencia Hostel (501)627-0104 [email protected] Main Street
Ponciana Villa 637-1481 [email protected] Ponciana Drive, Maya Beach
Ranguana Lodge 523-3112 [email protected] General Delivery, Placencia Village
Reva's Pearl Vacation Home 637-1481 [email protected] Walker Road, Maya Beach
Robert's Grove Beach Resort 523-3565 [email protected] Seine Bight Village
Romantic Sunset Cove (602)703-2661 [email protected] General Delivery
SailFishBelize limited 651-9885 [email protected] Sunset Point Dr,
Sandy Feet
Sea Glass Inn 523-3098 [email protected] Garden Grove
Seabreeze Villa 602-4343 [email protected] 99 Placencia Road
Seaspray Hotel Ltd (501)610-1819 [email protected] c/o Jodie Leslie, Placencia Village
Seaview Suites 523-3777 [email protected] Placencia Village
Serenade Hotel 523-3113 [email protected] P.O. Box 1864
Shebeen (501)615-4424 [email protected] [email protected] Lot 105 Plantation Area
Silver Leaf Villa & Cabana ()605-0586 [email protected] Harbour Place, Placencia Village
Simberts Apartments 607-7970 [email protected] Coconut Walk Rd, Maya Beach, Placencia Village
Singing Sands Inn 533-3022 [email protected] 714 Maya Beach Way
Suites at Three Iguanas ()633-6599 [email protected]
Sundowner Lodge ()650-1199 [email protected] c/o Raquel Battle, Main Street Placencia
Sunset Lagoon Cabanas 637-1481 [email protected]
Sunset Pointe Condominiums 523-3251 [email protected] c/o Guild & Guild Consulting
Swan Villas 621-6732 [email protected] Mile 16 1/2 Maya Beach
The Arches 622-0956 [email protected] 23 Harbor Place Placencia Village
The Ellysian Boutique Hotel (501)523-4898 [email protected]
The Hairy Hut 660-7200 [email protected] Seine Bight North of Nautical Inn
The Nautical Inn - Roger Blair 523-3595 [email protected] General Delivery Placencia
The Placencia Hotel & Residencies 533-4110 [email protected] North Maya Beach, General Delivery Placencia
The Rotonda (501)622-0121 [email protected] Rum Point
The Salty Hawg Belize (501)623-6433 [email protected] Mile 13 Placencia Peninsula
The Village Inn (501)523-3217 [email protected] The Village Inn
The Villas at Cocoplum Rental (501)615-0346 [email protected] General Delivery Placencia Village
The White House in Placencia 670-6060 [email protected] Paradise Street
The WindFlower (501)668-9624 [email protected] 1676 Harbor Place, Placencia Village
Tradewinds Hotel 523-3122 [email protected] Point Placencia
Tranquility Escape 626-7089 [email protected] Surfside Community
Tri-Tan Beach Cabanas 607-0194 [email protected] Placencia Village
Turtle Inn 523-3244 [email protected] Main Road Placencia Village
Vandely's Guest House 523-3117 [email protected] On side Walk North - Placencia Village
Villa Groovy Gecko (501)280-0024 [email protected] vrbo502818 Placencia
Villa Jammin Gecko (501)280-0024 [email protected] Placencia
Villa Ranguana 523-4306 [email protected] Stanley Smith, General Delivery Placencia
Villa Tipsy Gecko (501)280-0024 [email protected]
Village View Rental 628-7714 [email protected] Point Placencia
Wild Orchid Villas 523-3392 [email protected] Wild Orchid Drive
Winter's Avalon ()607-7970 [email protected]
Wooden Mangoose (807)708-5869 [email protected] #10 Surfside, Mile 18
Wrecked Beach 637-1481 [email protected] Mile 13.5 Placencia Road
Yellow Bella 605-0586 [email protected] Water Tank Area
3 D Vacations 633-2424 [email protected] P.O. Box 301
Ak'Bol Yoga Resort 626-6296 [email protected] 1 Mile North of Bridge
Ambergris Lake Villas ()226-3579 [email protected] P.O. Box 317, San Pedro Town
Amelia Guest House 650-9750 [email protected] Pescador Drive
Anil Mar 226-4509 [email protected] P.O. Box 367
Aqua Vista Beachfront Suites 661-8271 [email protected] 35 Boca del Rio Beachfront
ASunsetBeachResort.Com 610-2526 [email protected] Mosquito Coast
Athens Gate (501)226-2352 [email protected] Mosquito Coast
Azul Maya Villas (416)707-9905 [email protected] #1 Sea Urchin Street
Baja Mar Vacation House 623-8740 [email protected] 5 Miles north
Banana Beach Resort 226-3848 [email protected] Seagrape Drive
Banyan Bay Suites 226-3739 [email protected] Seagrape Drive
Belize Island Beach House 226-4309 [email protected] #10 Barrier Reef Drive, P.O. Box 204
Belizean Cove Estates (501)226-4840 [email protected] 3 Miles North
Belizean Reef Suites ()226-3036 [email protected] Coconut Drive
Belizean Shores Resort (501)226-4840 [email protected] 3.5 Miles North
Bermuda Beach (501)607-4193 [email protected] Tres Cocos
Bermuda Landing Condominiums (501)607-4193 [email protected] Tres Cocos
Bermuda Palms 625-5366 [email protected] Tres Cocos Area
Big Daddy Guest House (501)625-5900 [email protected]
Blue Bone Fish Belize 666-0960 [email protected] 4.5 Miles, Boca Ciega
Blue Dolphin (501)604-7995 [email protected] P.O. Box 255
Blue Tang Inn 226-2326 [email protected] Sand Piper Street
Blue Wave Villa 226-4223 [email protected] c/o Edwin Walter, P.O. Box 43, San Pedro Town
Brahma Blu Resort (501)637-8919 [email protected]
BV Resort Limited (501)226-4047 [email protected] 2.5 miles North
Canary Cove ()610-5121 [email protected] 6.5 Miles North
Captain Morgan's Retreat 226-2208 [email protected] P.O. Box 38, San Pedro Town
Caribbean Villas Hotel 226-2715 [email protected] Seagrape Drive
Caribe Island Resort ()226-3579 [email protected] Beachfront, Mosquito Coast
Casa Amarillo 632-6130 [email protected] 195 Boca Ciega
Casa Ashley ()610-8038 [email protected]
Casa B' Alam 631-9253 [email protected] P.O. Box 204
Casa Bonita ()226-3077 [email protected] Caye Management, P.O. Box 49
Casa Caracol 610-2267 [email protected] 47 Boca Del Rio Drive P.O. Box 80, San Pedro Town
Casa de Bonita 226-4309 [email protected] 4.5 Miles North of San Pedro
Casa de Lisa (984)745-0275 [email protected] Boca Ciego Area
Casa Del Rai (501)650-2968 [email protected]
Casa Gonzo [email protected] General Delivery, 9 Mosquito Coast, San Pedro Town
Casa Grande (501)226-4309 [email protected] #21 Barrier Reef Drive
Casa Layla 631-9253 [email protected] 5.5 Miles North
Casa Miradores ()226-2336 [email protected] Mosquito Coast
Casa Naturale Belize (501)634-4348 [email protected] School Masters Street
Casa Nirvana (501)630-4505 [email protected] #4 Flying Fisherman St.
Casa Playa ()226-3077 [email protected] Tres Cocos Area
Casa Rana Belize 625-0836 [email protected] 7 Miles North San Pedro
Casa Redonda (501)605-7303 [email protected] M & M Rentals
Caye Casa 226-2880 [email protected] San Pedro Town
Caye Villas (501)602-0694 [email protected] 5 Miles North Town
Cayo Espanto Island Resort 236-5001 [email protected] P.O. Box 244 San Pedro Town
Cayo Frances Farm & Fly ()610-3841 [email protected] 12 Miles North, Leeward Side
Chez Caribe 602-2498 [email protected] # 1781 Princess Drive
Coco Beach Resort 226-4840 [email protected] 3.5 Miles North
Cocotal Inn & Cabanas 226-2097 [email protected] 2.5 Miles North
Conch Shell Inn 226-2062 [email protected] 11 Foreshore Street
Coral Bay Villas 226-3003 [email protected] Seagrape Drive
Corona Del Mar 226-2055 [email protected] Coconut Drive
Costa Blu Resort (501)670-4876 [email protected]
Day Dreamin' Bed & Breakfast 601-3306 [email protected] Tropicana Drive Tres Cocos
Diamante Suites (501)620-9406 [email protected] Cupress Street, Beach Front
Diamond Lodge Properties Ltd. (501)223-1756 [email protected]
Diamond Reef Condominium 624-3682 [email protected] Alvin Howe, San Pedro Post Office
Downtown Nest ()623-0203 [email protected] Barrier Reef Drive
El Castillo De Arena ()626-3632 [email protected] Lot 28, 5 Miles North, San Pedro
El Estero (501)226-4808 2.3 Miles North
El Pescador 226-2975 [email protected] 2.5 Miles North San Pedro
Escape Away Belize (501)668-1488 [email protected] 9 Miles, North Ambergris
Esmeralda del Mar (501)226-4309 [email protected] 3.5 Miles North San Pedro
Exotic Caye Beach Resort 226-2870 [email protected] P.O. Box 11, San Pedro Town
Grand Baymen Gardens ()226-4785 [email protected] #18 Hurricane Street
Grand Caribe Property Management Limited 226-4726 [email protected] 2 Miles North Ambergris Caye
Grand Colony Island Villas ()226-3739 [email protected] Seagrape Drive
Grande Paraiso Casa ()226-2087 [email protected] c/o Nellie Gomez, San Pedro
Heron's Rest (305)798-7527 [email protected] 1.5 Miles North
Hicklin House 226-3077 [email protected] Tres Cocos Area
Hol Chan Reef Resort (501)671-7712 [email protected] c/o Richard Gillet, Hol Chan Reef Resort General Delivery, San Pedro Town
Hotel Central Park 226-2013 [email protected] #53 Barrier Reef Drive
Hotel Del Rio 226-2286 [email protected] P. O. Box 198
Hotel Ocean Paradise ()206-2484 [email protected] #25 Barrier Reef Drive
Hummingbird Suites ()226-2960 [email protected] www.hummingbirdsuites/facebook
Indigo Beach Homes ()226-2600 [email protected] P.O. Box 367
Isla Bonita Yacht Club 226-4059 [email protected] 100 Coconut Drive
La Casa Pura Vida ()226-3579 [email protected] 3.5 Miles South of Mosquito Coast
La Perla Del Caribe ()226-4509 [email protected] P.O. Box 367
Las Terrazas Resort 226-4249 [email protected] 3.5 Miles North
Lina Point (501)631-6863 [email protected] North of San Pedro; Nune Subdivision
Los Encantos Villas 226-3077 [email protected] Mata Grande Area
Mahogany Bay Village ()226-4817 [email protected] 1.5 Miles South
Mara Laguna (501)631-7696 0.3 miles North of Bridge
Martha's Hotel 625-0155 [email protected] #36 Pescador Drive
Masapan Guest House ()601-7289 El Tesoro Street
Mata Chica Resort 226-5010 [email protected] P.O. Box 133, San Pedro Town
Mata Rocks Resort 226-2336 [email protected] Sea Grape Drive
Mayan Princess Hotel 226-2778 [email protected] P. O. Box 79, San Pedro Town
Miramar Villas 610-4845 [email protected] 2.5 Miles Sout of Town Mosquito Coast
Ocean Tide Beach Resort 631-6863 [email protected] #57 Boca del Rio Drive
Palm House (501)226-2352 [email protected] P. O. Box 118, San Pedro Town
Paradise on the Caye (501)629-9936 [email protected]
Paradise Villas - Nellie Gomez 226-2087 [email protected] #40 Pescador Dr
Park Place Belize (501)226-2255 [email protected] and [email protected]
Pedro's Inn & Hotel 226-3825 [email protected] Sea Grape Drive
Pelican Reef Villas 226-2352 [email protected] Mosquito Coast
Pirate Villas 668-2156 [email protected] 0.5 Miles North ,Tres Cocos Area
Playa Villa ()637-4409 [email protected] General Delivery San Pedro
Portofino Beach Resort 226-5096 [email protected] 6 Miles North
PUR Boutique Cabanas Limited (501)226-5500 [email protected] El Tesora Road
Ramon's Village Resort 226-2071 [email protected] Coconut Drive P.O. Box 51, San Pedro Town
RCCG Properties ()671-2453 5mls South
Royal Caribbean Resort 226-4220 [email protected] # 1 Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro Town
Royal Palm Villas 610-4845 [email protected] Coconut Drive, P.O. Box 184
Rubiceli's Hotel 226-2063 [email protected] Barrier Reef Drive
San Pedrano Hotel 226-2054 [email protected] #10 Barrier Reef Drive
San Pedro Holiday Hotel 226-2014 [email protected]; [email protected] Barrier Reef Drive, P.O. Box 61, San Pedro Town
Sandbar Beachfront Hostel 226-2008 [email protected] Beachfront, Boca del Rio
Sapphire Beach Resort ()671-2552 [email protected] 10 miles North San perdo, Ambergris Caye
Sea Pearl Vacation Suites 610-4192 [email protected] Hurricane Street
SEAcluded Sands 226-2254 [email protected] Tres Cocos Area
Seascape Villas (501)226-2119 [email protected] P.O. Box 99, San Pedro Town
Seaside Casa 226-4509 [email protected] P.O. Box 367, San Pedro Town
Seven Seas Resort 226-2382 [email protected] P.O. Box 77, San Pedro Town
Solaria Villas ()226-2727 [email protected] c/o Relmer Arceo
South Ambergris Rental Management Company Ltd ()226-4511 [email protected] South of San Pedro Town
Spindrift Hotel 226-2174 [email protected] Barrier Reef Drive
Stella Di Mare 226-3077 [email protected] Journey End Area
Sun Breeze Hotel 226-2191 [email protected] 7 Coconut Drive
Sunbreeze Suites ()223-6124 [email protected] Barrier Reef Drive
Sundiver Beach Resort 226-4165 [email protected] P.O. Box 136
Tan's Inn ()226-2848 [email protected] Laguna Drive
Tara Del Sol 600-3579 [email protected] Beach Front 2.5 miles south
The Cloisters Rental Management 226-2812 [email protected] P.O. Box 63, San Pedro Town
The Palms Oceanfront Suites 226-3322 [email protected] P.O. Box 88, San Pedro Town
The Phoenix Resort 226-2083 [email protected] Pescador Drive
The Schneiders Palapa House (501)631-7686 [email protected] 55 Boca Del Rio
The Tree House (501)226-3077 [email protected] 4 Miles North of San Pedro
Tiki Maya House (501)615-4150 [email protected] Tres Cocos
Tomas Guest House 226-2061 [email protected] # 12 Barrier Reef Drive
Tradewinds Paradise Villas 226-2822 [email protected] Pescador Drive
Tranquility Bay Resort 236-5880 [email protected] P.O. Box 149, San Pedro Town
Tres Banderas Vacation Home 631-9253 [email protected] P.O. Box 204
Tropical Escape (501)626-3786 [email protected] 6 Miles North
Tropical Research and Education Center-TREC (501)620-6007 [email protected] Grouper Street, San Marcos Area P.O. Box 117
Tropicana Hotel & Condos ()627-5454 [email protected]
Turtle Cove 622-2180 [email protected] P.O. Box 356
Twisted Palm Villas ()625-6800 [email protected] Lot 4195
Victoria House Resort & Spa 226-2067 [email protected] Seagrape Drive
View The Blue 600-3579 [email protected] Beach Front
Villa De Plata 226-3077 [email protected] 6 Miles North
Villa Ragazza (999)000-0000 [email protected]
Wataview ()615-2215 [email protected] Mosquito Coast
Watercolors 226-4808 [email protected] vrbo717674 5 Miles North
Water's Edge-A Mata Grande Villa 631-9253 [email protected] P.O. Box 204, San Pedro Town
White Sands Cove 226-3528 [email protected] 2.5 Miles North
X' Tan Ha Resort 226-4398 [email protected] 7.2 Miles North
Xanadu Island Resort 226-2814 [email protected] Sea Grape Drive
AJ Palms 615-7006 [email protected] P.O. Box 206, Dangriga Town
All Season Guest House (501)622-4111 [email protected]
Almond Beach Resort ()822-3851 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Amayanheaven (501)615-0947 [email protected] Lot #91
Angel Falls Rainforest Lodge Mile 27 Hummingbird
Beach House Bliss (501)653-1117 [email protected] P.O. Box 33
Beaches and Dreams Resort Limited (501)523-7259 [email protected] Lot 1, Sittee Point
Bed & Breakfast in Belize 502-2193 [email protected] #3 First Street, Benguche Area
Belize Inn Your Dreams 661-7444 [email protected] 29 Sittee Point Road
Belize Permit Club (501)629-6599 [email protected]
Belizean Dreams Resort (501)522-2400 [email protected] P.O. Box 49
Blue Moon Cabana 669-2660 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Blue Parrot Beach House (866)460-9612 [email protected] 1 Sittee River Road
Bocatura Cabins (501)653-4196 [email protected] Bocatura Road
Bonefish Hotel 522-2243 [email protected] #15 Mahogany Street
Buttonwood Guest House 675-3000 [email protected] P.O. Box 196
Cardie's Hotel 523-2187 [email protected]; [email protected] #466 Big Creek Blvd, Independence Village
Caribbean Shores Bed & Breakfast 660-0817 [email protected] Sittee Road
Casita Del Mar 669-2660 [email protected] Lot 18, South Side, Hopkins
Castello a Mare 621-7145 [email protected] Seine Bight Village
Chaleanor Hotel 522-2587 [email protected] 35 Magoon Street P.O. Box 164, Dangriga Town
Christy's Casa 662-4200 [email protected] Lot 52, Phase 2
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary (501)223-4987 [email protected] 6 Miles West of Maya Center Village
Coconut Row Guest House 675-3000 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Colonial Suites ()822-3850 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Comfort Inn ()608-7292 [email protected] North Side, Hopkins Village
Cosmopolitan Guest House 673-7373 [email protected] Lot 93, Sittee River Road
Crash Pad (501)665-9900 [email protected]
Dangriga Central Hotel 522-2008 [email protected] #119 Commerce Street, Dangriga Town
Darangilau Guest House 533-7307 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Davis Falls Inn (501)610-5296 [email protected] 12 Miles, Pomona Village, Stann Creek Valley
Dolphin Motel 523-2419 [email protected] Savannah Road
Double H. Guest House (000)000-0000 [email protected]
D's Hostel (501)533-7804 [email protected] # 1 Sharp & Mahogany Streets,
Flomon's Guest House 661-2913 [email protected] #2888 Francis Flores Street
Green Valley Project (501)601-7361 [email protected]
Habaru House 650-9883 [email protected] P.O. Box 194
Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort 533-7073 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Hopkins Bay Belize ()533-7805 [email protected] North End
Hopkins Inn ()665-0411 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Hotel Hello 503-2428 [email protected] #285 Fadden Avenue, Independence Village
Innies Guest House 543-7333 [email protected] Main Street, South End
Jabiru Nest 665-7494 [email protected] 13 Sittee Point
Jaguar Reef Lodge (501)523-7276 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Joli-Me Villa Ltd. ()665-7015 [email protected] Lot 49 Sittee Road Rd.
Jungle Jeanie By The Sea 533-7047 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Kismet Inn 523-7280 [email protected] North End Hopkins Village
Latitude 17 Degrees ()665-1322 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Latitude Adjustment 670-1705 inf[email protected] General Delivery, 133 Samuel Haynes Street, Belama Phase 1
Lebeha Cabanas 665-9305 [email protected] c/o Hector Lambey, Hopkins Village
Lewis Family Vacation Home (562)824-3702 [email protected]/[email protected] / 92935 c/o #21 Sapodilla Street, Belmopan City
Mama Noots Eco Resort 670-8019 [email protected] P.O. Box 116
Manatee Place 665-7494 [email protected] 12 Sittee Point, Phases
Mellow Yellow Beach House 669-2660 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Nuuk Cheil Cottages 670-7043 [email protected] Maya Center Village
Oceanus Cabanas ()634-8920 [email protected] Lot W1 Jetty Pier Road
Palm Cove Cabins 675-3000 [email protected] North Road
Palmento Grove Cultural & Fishing Lodge ()636-3247 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Pal's Guest House 522-2095 [email protected] #868-A Magoon Street
Parrot Cove Lodge 523-7225 [email protected] False Sittee Point
Pelican Beach Resort 522-2004 [email protected] Scotchman Town P.O. Box 2, Dangriga Town
River House Lodge 533-7799 [email protected] P.O. Box 172, Dangriga Town
Ruthie's Cabanas 502-3184 #31 Southern Foreshore Dangriga Town
Sandpiper Cabin 533-7243 [email protected] Northside Hopkins Village
Sandy Beach Lodge 650-9183 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Sarkiki Reef Resort 664-7622 [email protected];[email protected] Lot 31 Phase 4 Sittee Point
Seagrapes Cabana 651-3232 [email protected] 12, Phase 4, Sittee Point
Seiri Del Mar 665-7589 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Shallow Bay (714)679-9544 [email protected]
Sugar Patch Inn 651-7852 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Sunrise Estate House 665-7494 [email protected] Lot 10, Sittee Point
T.R.E.E.S Research Center ()670-4000 [email protected] Mile 27.5 Hummingbird Highway
Tania's Guest House 533-7058 [email protected] Hopkins Village
The Funky Do Do Backpackers ()676-3636 [email protected]
The Maine Stay Limited ()622-3449 [email protected] Seine Bight Village
Tipple Tree Beya 615-7006 [email protected] Hopkins Village
Tutzil Nah Cottages (601)636-4750 [email protected] Maya Center Village
Villa Rising Sun ()669-2660 [email protected]
Villa Verano 533-7016 [email protected] Sittee Point
Villini a Mare ()621-7145 [email protected] Seine Bight, Placencia North
Weyohan Hotel (501)522-2278 [email protected] General Delivery #105 Commerce Street
Windschief 523-7249 [email protected] P.O. Box 217
Yugadah Inn 670-7089 General Delivery, Hopkins Village
Aguacate Homestay 633-9954 [email protected] Louis Cucul General Delivery, Aguacate Village
Belcampo Belize 722-0050 [email protected] Wilson Road, P.O. Box 135, Punta Gorda Town
Bella Guest House (501)663-2348 [email protected] Bella Vista Village
Beya Suites 722-2188 [email protected] #6 Hopeville P.O. Box 110, Punta Gorda Town
BFREE Belize Foundation For Research & Environ Edu (501)671-1299 [email protected] Mile 58, Bladden Reserve P. O. Box 129, Punta Gorda Town
Blue Belize Guest House 722-2678 [email protected] 139 Front Street P.O. Box 37
Blue Creek Rainforest Lodge ()605-7267 [email protected] General Delivery, Bluee Creek Village
Casa Picaflor (50)162-1714 [email protected] 70Geoarge Price Street
Chaab'il B'e Lodge and Casitas (501)665-1316 [email protected] 9 miles San Antonio Road
Charlton's Inn 722-2197 [email protected] #9 George Price St. Punta Gorda Town
Circle C Inn 722-2726 [email protected] #117 West Street, Punta Gorda Town
Coral House Inn 722-2878 [email protected] # 151 Main Street
Cotton Tree Lodge 670-0557 [email protected] San Felipe Village
Frontier Inn 722-2450 [email protected] #2 Airport Street
Garbutt's Fishing Lodge 722-0070 [email protected] Joe Taylor Creek
Golden Motel (501)601-6939 [email protected] 3 Miles, Forest Home Village
Grace's Hotel 702-2414 [email protected] # 19 George Price Street
Hickatee Cottages (501)662-4475 [email protected] P.O. Box 148, Punta Gorda Town
Joyful Inn 610-0506 [email protected] #49 Main Middle Street Punta Gorda Town
KiKuntal Homestay [email protected]
Mahogany Villas ()670-5322 [email protected]
Mahung's Inn Guest House 722-2044 [email protected] Corner North & Main Streets, P.O. Box 92
Nature's Way Guest House 702-2119 [email protected] 65 Front Street
Ra Xih Tzuel Maya Lodge (501)607-6978 [email protected] Laguna Village
Sabal Beach 732-2324 [email protected] 1.25 Miles North of Punta Negro Village
Sea Glass Cottage 722-2878 [email protected] 151 Main Street
St. Charles Inn 722-2149 [email protected] #23 King Street, Punta Gorda Town
Sun Creek Lodge 607-6363 [email protected] P.O. Box 189, Punta Gorda Town
Tate's Guest House 722-0147 [email protected] # 34 Jose Maria Nunez Street Punta Gorda Town
The Bunk House (501)615-1675 [email protected]/[email protected] P.O. Box 177,
The Farm Inn 732-4781 [email protected] San Antonia, Santa Cruz Road
The Lodge at Big Falls 732-4444 [email protected] Big Falls
The Sea Front Inn 722-2300 [email protected] 4 Front Street, P. O. Box 20
Upstairs Lounge Inn 633-2122 [email protected] # 51 Main Middle Street
Waruguma Inn (501)722-0084 [email protected] 23 Pampana Street Punta Gorda Town