Tourism Development Plans

The BTB wishes to thank all the stakeholders who contributed information and shared their expertise during the literature review and information gathering stages of the Tourism Development Plans. Together we have completed the Tourism Development Plans for the Placencia, Hopkins, Dangriga and Orange Walk Tourism Destinations.

As we embarked on a collaborative journey for the South East Coast (Placencia, Hopkins and Dangriga) and Orange Walk, the Belize Tourism Board pushed forward with the enhancement of its tourism sector. BTB continued along its trend of positive growth but of equal importance is the necessity to engage and ensure a participatory development path. Therefore, the BTB invested in the development of the Tourism Development Plans as recommended by the National Sustainable Master Plan, to serve as the guide in developing these destinations. These Plans included the recommendation of stakeholders and integrated the strategic course of actions to develop the respective tourism destinations.

These plans called for communities to be   integrated   within   the economic development opportunities inherent  to tourism,  while  remaining respectful  of their  social  integrity,  and  mindful  of the environmental challenges that  contest  our  status quo of  development. We are pleased to note, that the BTB has fully embraced this call to action and will be working closely with the destinations to continuously enhance the tourism product. As a result, the BTB will form Monitoring and Coordinating Committees(MCCs) for each destination which will serve as the platform for piloting the projects for their respective destination. This aligns with moving forward with the 5 year recommendations outlined in each plan. The MCCs along with the BTB and Ministry of Tourism will strategically collaborate to implement the tourism frameworks developed in order to generate results in an efficient and sustainable approach.

The Belize Tourism Board is therefore delighted to share the Tourism Development Plans for the Placencia, Hopkins, Dangriga and Orange Walk Tourism Destinations, and reaffirms our commitment to continue building Tourism in Belize, through partnership and collaboration.

A nurturing approach to Belize’s environment, economy and socio-cultural development through responsible and sustainable tourism projects…

The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) aims to achieve a set of quantitative and qualitative specific objectives by 2030.  These objectives have been based upon an in-depth analysis of the sector giving high priority to the industry stakeholder consultation(s) and the competitive tourism potential of the country.

The vision of the NSTMP is for Belize (as a destination) to be a recognized embodiment, within its international marketplaces as a unique, authentic, sustainable and competitive world-class destination.

The strategic goals of the NSTMP for 2030 are to provide: Leadership which will support the Belizean stakeholders in taking leadership over sustainable tourism development; Optimization of socio-economic benefits from tourism; Sustainable tourism planned development; and Competitiveness in achieving world-class destination status.

Specific objectives include: (a) supporting the improvement, restoration and diversification of overnight destinations and their products; and (b) strengthen national and local capacity for sector policy, destination planning and management.

Belize is an exclusive multicultural sustainable destination in the Central American Caribbean. It is a destination where the authenticity and friendliness of its people, coupled with the uniqueness of an exotic natural environment can be actively experienced within a conserved world.

For detailed information download the Destination Development Plans:

Dangriga Tourism Development Plan

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Hopkins Tourism Development Plan

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Orange Walk Tourism Development Plan

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Placencia Tourism Development Plan

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