Marketing & Industry Relations

Belize’s Marketing Machinery.

The Belize Tourism Board’s (BTB) Marketing & Industry Relations department is composed of four sub-divisions: Marketing & PR, Digital Marketing and Travel Trade & Hospitality.

The Marketing & Industry Relations department is strategic in each endeavour that it undertakes. Its initiatives are in line with the BTB Marketing Plan 2019-22, which details a set of qualitative and quantitative goals. Under its branding guidelines and the “National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan” (NSTMP), these strategies are for the maximizing of marketing opportunities and Return on Investments (ROIs).

The friendly faces you’ll meet at each of Belize’s entry points…


The Hospitality Department sets the standard for excellent customer service within the Belize tourism industry. This team maintains a warm and friendly presence at each of Belize’s major entry points.

In addition to providing up-to-date facts about Belize to both local and international customers, the hospitality team manages BTB’s collateral materials.

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Focus on digital creative content marketing…

The Digital Marketing team’s mandate is for the creation of innovative content to engage online consumers while increasing Belize’s online presence.  The team exerts both online and offline initiatives to engage and sustain potential and existing visitors through various own and paid channels.

This team serves to manage and monitor the Belize brand online.

Priorities include:

  1. Management of the BTB and Travel-Belize website content and creation.
  2. Management of the BTB and Belize social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Youtube).
  3. Capacity building for partners in digital marketing.

Marketing Belize, internationally…

The main focus of the Travel Trade team is to build and foster relationships with the international travel trade, i.e. tour operators, wholesaler and travel agents.  This is in line with the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP). The team organizes and attends a series of trade shows, consumer expos, road shows whilst conducting sales presentations and webinars throughout North America, Europe and South America. Familiarization tours are also a supplement to its marketing efforts. These approaches are based on the Return on Investment (ROI) for each market, based on leads.  It is through these avenues that the allurement of Belize is shared with a wide audience of travel agents, travellers and investors.

Strengthening the relations and marketing efforts of the Belize Tourism Board.

The Marketing & PR team’s mandate includes relationship-building with partners, as well as international and local media, while creating and facilitating marketing opportunities. Its priorities include updating the industry on all things BTB through timely press releases and quarterly newsletters. Concentrations also include the hosting of press trips for travel writers, bloggers, both local and international media, as well as conducting local educational presentations.