Glide along the dancing waves as you sail into the vacation of your dreams in Belize! Immerse yourself in the mystical Caribbean Sea, diving with luminescent fishes and hued corals. With Belize having the second largest barrier reef and a bountiful marine ecosystem, there is so much you can do in the vibrant blues!


Belize Port Authority and the UK Hydrographic Office

Protocols for small non-commercial seas vessel entry to Belize:

Ships’ documents may be submitted at the Authority’s Headquarters during normal working hours from Monday – Friday for ships that are scheduled to enter on weekends and holidays at our Main Headquarters. Arrangements must be made by 4:00 pm of the preceding work days for services.


Effective 1 April, 2019:

A portal has been created [email protected] for electronic submission of shipping documents which shall include cruise and cargo ship information such as;

  1. Notice of Arrival within 48 hours
  2. Departure Notice
  3. Certificate of Clearance
  4. Pilotage and Boarding Report
  5. Import and Export Cargo Manifests
  6. Ship’s Registry
  7. International Ship Security Certificate (on initial visit or annually)
  8. Protection and Indemnity Certificate (on initial visit or annually)
  9. Continuous Synopsis Record (on initial visit or annually)
  10. Tender manifests

Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 listed above are to be submitted in paper form in duplicates or triplicates as requires for proper authentication.

Upon boarding, only documents listed below are to be provided to Boarding Officers of the Belize Port Authority:

  1. Arrival Declaration
  2. Nil List
  3. Clearance from Last Port of Call
  4. Pilot card
  5. Discrepancy Report (if any)

Tariffs to be charged for private pleasure yachts visiting the seaports in Belize are to include a fee for the waiver of pilotage the fees to be charged are stated below:


Pilot Waiver Fees Standard Rate
Vessels less than 50 GT Not Applicable
Vessels more than 50 GT
But less than or equal to 100 GT
 $         150.00
Vessels more than 100 GT
But less than or equal to 500 GT
 $         250.00
Vessels more than 500 GT
But less than or equal to 2000 GT
 $         500.00
Vessels more than 2000 GT  $         750.00
Charges Particulars Cost
Administrative Charges For Boarding and clearance 100.00
Boarding for entry For ships not more than 100 GT 30.00
for ships more than 100 GT 75.00
Clearance For ships more more than 100 GT 30.00
For ships not more than 100 GT 50.00
Navigational Aids Per call per vessel $1.50 per GT
(with a maximum of 875.00)
Port Dues: First 48 hours Each 24 hrs thereafter
On ships not more than 100 GT  $                                             30.00  $                                      10.00
On ships more than 100 GT
but no more than 500 GT
 $                                             40.00  $                                      15.00
On ships more than 500 GT but
not more than 2,000 GT
 $                                             80.00  $                                      20.00
On ships more than 2,000 GT
But not more than 5,000 GT
 $                                           140.00  $                                      45.00
On ships more than 5,000 GT
but not more than 10,000 GT
 $                                           200.00  $                                      50.00
On ships more than 10,000 GT
but not more than 15,000 GT
 $                                           240.00  $                                      60.00
On ships more than 15,000 GT
but not more than 20,000 GT
 $                                           320.00  $                                    100.00
On ships more than 20,000 GT  $                                           400.00  $                                    120.00
Port Security (ISPS) Fees: Standard Rate
For cruise ships 0.60 per pax
For Cargo ships on ships
between 0-500 GT
 $                                           300.00
On ships more than 501 GT
but not more than 5,000 GT
 $                                           700.00
On ships more than 5,001 GT
But not more than 15,000 GT
 $                                        1,400.00
on ships more than 15,001 GT  $                                        2,000.00


Note: All prices are in Belize dollars (BZD)

SailClear- Making your arrival to Belize a seamless one

What is SailClear?

Sailclear is an online pre-arrival notification system which is available for use by yachts and other pleasure craft operators. The system allows Captains to submit their Customs declarations in the form of electronic notifications prior to arrival in certain participating countries in the Caribbean. Registered users can access the system to enter and update notifications about their yachts, crew and passengers while transiting the Caribbean region.

“It is an innovative but simple facility which is intended to simplify the clearance process, reduce the time spent with the Customs officials and generally improve the experience of the visiting yacht crew and passengers.

The adoption of the SailClear software will create a seamless, fast-tracked experience for vessel operators arriving in Belize for recreational/vacation purposes. Nautical Tourism is an emerging niche market in Belize and the system includes a list of all fees and processes associated with arriving and departing Belize.

SailClear will become mandatory effective 1 August 2022 as part of the arrival process for all pleasure craft and yacht operators seeking to enter Belize’s territorial waters. This includes international and Belizeans operators (who depart the country’s territorial waters and return).

The following maritime port of entries are equipped with the SailClear software and/or a kiosk:

  • Belize City: Radisson Fort George Marina & Old Belize (Kukumba Beach) Marina
  • San Pedro, Ambergris Caye: Amigos de Mar
  • Placencia: Roberts Grove Marina

The application will enhance the efforts and increase the efficiency of Belize’s Customs and Excise Department, the focal point for SailClear in Belize.

Have a Question?

Visit the Belize Port Authority

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone Numbers:

  • Belize City Headquaters:  (501)-222-5665/5666/5663/5662
  • San Pedro Branch: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663 Ext. 259  Mobile: 610-4977
  • Big Creek Branch: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663 Ext 257
  • Placencia: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663 Ext. 258
  • Punta Gorda Branch: (501)-222-5666/5665/5663 Ext. 256

Official Ports of Entry

Belize Port Authority Act (Chapter233s)

Belize has nine (09) port facilities namely:

1. Port of Belize Limited – Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo Commercial Vessels Only
2. Pot of Big Creek – Banana, Citrus, Petroleum All Vessels
3. Fort Street Tourism Village – Cruise Tourism Private – Cruise Ships Only
4. PUMA Energy Bahamas S. A. – importation of fuel only Private Fuel Only
5. Witconcrete – exportation of sugar Private – Exports Only
6. Commerce Bight Port – un-operational closed
7. San Pedro Terminal All Vessels
8. Harvest Caye Port Private Norwegian Cruise Line
9. Punta Gorda Port All Vessels

Please note that arrival at all other ports of entry that are not official ports of entry may attract additional service charges.

Recommended Marinas

Name Region Maximum Capacity Max vessel size Daily parking rate Maximum Draft Amenities Ph. number Website
The Moorings Placencia 25 50ft 4.50 per ft 5.5ft Fuel,water,security 523-3351
The Placencia Placencia 25 200ft 5bz per ft 16ft Charging port, security,fuel, water,ice, clearance with immigration 822-1272
Thunder Birds marina Placencia 20 60ft 2.25 per ft 6ft Fuel, ice, water, charging security, marine store, mechanic, launch pad 624-1411
Roberts Grove Placencia 15 60ft 3.50 per ft 5ft Fuel, water, charging port, security 523-3565
Kukumba Beach Belize City 75-water 100ft 1.98 bz per ft Low Tide – 4ft
High Tide  – 5 ft
Fuel,water,charging port, launch pad, security, ice 222-4153
The Placencia Yacht Club Placencia 5 75 ft 3.00 bz 8 ft Electricity, Water, Laundry,  Mechanic on site 639-8555
Electricty and water metered
Radisson Fort George Marina Belize City 5 100ft 5.00 bz per ft 5 – 6ft Snacks and local beers, sodas and juices , marine engine oil, gasoline and diesel fuel, Restaurant & Bar, Overnight accomodations, gift shop 613-4478
Sitee River Marina Hopkins 30 50ft 1.65 per ft 5ft Fuel, ice, water, charging port, security 670-8525