Registrar Unit

Together we sustain and grow the Belize tourism industry….

The Business Development, Registrar of Hotels & Timeshares department is strategic in its approach to developing the sustainable business growth of the Belize tourism industry and achieving goals through proactive, service-oriented approaches.

The Business Development Department is tasked with the development and implementation of robust systems that will ensure the growth and maximization of revenue collection from all BTB revenue streams. These systems serve to ensure taxpayer compliance with timely and accurate submissions and payment of taxes and fees by maintaining proper records and systems.

Additionally it is tasked with the licensing of all Hotels and Tourist Accommodations, Timeshares, Tour Guides, Tour Operators and administering the Qualified Retirement Program.

Acts & Policies:

  1. The Belize Tourism Board Act (Chapter 275) Revised Edition 2011
  2. The Belize Tourism Board Act (Chapter 275s) Revised Edition 2003
  3. The Hotels And Tourist Accommodation Act (Chapter 285) Revised Edition 2011
  4. The Hotels And Tourist Accommodation Act (Chapter 285S) Revised Edition 2003
  5. The Retired Persons (Incentives) Act (Chapter 62) Revised Edition 2011
  6. The Timeshare Act (CHAPTER 285:03) REVISED EDITION 2011

Belize’s tourism business development, a sustainable focus.

Globally, tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors throughout the world. With our ability to foster unique travel experiences and a knack for creating amazing stories, Belize is currently considered one of the most attractive destinations for potential travellers. It is this level of desirability that Belize currently enjoys which continues to spur growth in the tourism industry, the largest economy earner for the country.

Due to the dynamics of tourism and potential for new businesses in the industry, the Business Development Unit of the BTB was formed. This Unit is tasked with leading the sustainable growth of the tourism industry. (Guided by the 20-year road map developed in 2012 – “National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan for Belize”).

The role of the Business Development Unit is to identify business development opportunities, evaluate the risks, conduct research and recommend the best strategies for effective implementation. The objective is to retain, sustain and increase growth and revenue of the country’s tourism industry.

To be able to achieve these objectives the strengthening of the relationships with our stakeholders and with our regional and international agencies and our partners is vital.

Belize’s tourism industry has great potential for growth which is why we at the BTB understand and value your continued friendship and support.

Let us continue to build on the future of our precious industry!

We would appreciate your thoughts, new business ideas, and feedback on our current strategies. Kindly send email to Mr. Sean Tang – Business Development Officer at the Belize Tourism Board via email [email protected] or call us at 227-2420.

  1. Registration and Licensing of Hotel And Tourist Accommodations, Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Live Aboard Operators, and Qualified Retirees.
  2. Identifying priority and sustainable Business Development opportunities.
  3. Continuous improvement to the BTB’s business processes.
  4. Ensuring Industry Partners compliance.
  5. Safeguard and Management of all BTB revenue streams.