B.O.O.M. Forum 2024: Igniting Belize’s Tourism Future

Belize City, Belize, Thursday April 11, 2024: The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is delighted to announce that our highly anticipated annual Building on Our Momentum (B.O.O.M.) Forum was successfully held on Thursday, April 11, 2024, at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City.

The B.O.O.M. Forum serves as the premier platform for stakeholders in the tourism industry to engage in insightful discussions, gain valuable knowledge, and collaborate on strategies that drive the future growth and success of Belize’s dynamic tourism sector.

This year’s forum featured a dynamic lineup of presentations and discussions, highlighting the latest developments, trends, and strategies within the tourism industry. The morning session began with opening remarks by Mrs. Michelle Bowers Flowers, Director of Marketing & Communications, followed by presentations on “Trends Redefining the Travel Landscape” by The Zimmerman Agency, and “Canada Market Updates” by Developers Counselors International (DCI).

Later, attendees received industry development updates from Mr. Josue Carballo, Director of Industry Development, and insights on the LATAM market from TM Americas. Presentations also highlighted Belize’s role in the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and as host country for the World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards (WSTHA), presented by Michelle Mason from the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, and updates on the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan by Mr. Abil Castañeda, Chief Tourism Officer. This was followed by “Charting Paths: Persona and Segmentation Strategies for Belize’s Tourism Future” and “US Market Updates” by the Zimmerman Agency.

A highlight of the forum was a virtual reality experience that provided attendees with an immersive opportunity to see the wonders of Belize’s magnificent Barrier Reef.

The forum concluded with closing remarks from Mrs. Nicole Solano, CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations.

The Belize Tourism Board extends its sincere gratitude to the sponsors of the cocktail reception: Madisco, Bowen and Bowen, and Premium Wines and Spirits. 

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