Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr.

Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation

Minister of Tourism

It is my honor as the Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation to introduce you to the Belize Tourism Board. This group of talented professionals are working diligently to enable the growth of   Belize’s Tourism Industry. The BTB has partnered with the private sector to ensure that Belize becomes the ultimate tourism destination in a sustainable manner. Our team’s vision, focus and creativity on this site reflects this challenge and as you browse our pages, you will come to appreciate their passion and love for Belize.

I would like to invite you to visit with us as a browser online and you will be inspired to discover our beautiful Belize as one of our valued guests.

On behalf of our team at the BTB and our private sector partners, I would like to welcome you to our site and to Belize. May you continue your visits with us for many years to come.

Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation

 Manuel Heredia (Jr.)