Marketing Beat Newsletter

With the reopening of the Philip Goldson International airport on October 1, 2020, the Belize Tourism Board continues to keep stakeholders and the industry informed of various marketing efforts through its new monthly newsletter. Introducing BTB’s “Marketing Beat,” a newsletter that highlights marketing strategies and exposure garnered for the destination.

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BTB Marketing Beat October 2020 Issue

BTB Marketing Beat October 2020 Issue

On October 1 Belize welcomed back visitors to its shores with the reopening of the Phillip Goldson International Airport. In addition to a reopening video…

BTB Marketing Beat November 2020 Issue

Belize resumed travel with the launch of its Exhale Campaign. The campaign messaging focuses on Belize’s reopening while showcasing our destination assets via…

BTB Marketing Beat December 2020 Issue

In early December Belize welcomed back its first journalist since the border closure in early 2020 due to COVID-19. Contributing Editor for…

BTB Marketing Beat January 2021 Issue

“And you could have won a trip to Belize…” this was the ringing anthem in the popular Let’s Make A deal gameshow in January.

BTB Marketing Beat February 2021 Issue

The “Exhale” campaign continued throughout our marketing and paid support initiatives, highlighting Belize as the perfect romance spot.

BTB Marketing Beat March 2021 Issue

In March, Belize officially launched the Exhale Gamification dubbed “Sharp eyez”. Utilizing a quiz platform…

BTB Marketing Beat May 2021 Issue

Exhale Gamification dubbed “Sharp eyez”, was launched in March and proved to be a resounding success with a reach of over 400k. Its conclusion in May saw…