Board of Directors

As legislated by virtue of the Laws of Belize, the Board Members constitute the body elected to manage the sustainable growth of Belize’s tourism industry.


Within the Belize Tourism Board Act, Chapter 275 of the Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2011, the Board is a selected group appointed by the Minister of Tourism, with the mandate to manage, protect and develop the Belize tourism industry.

Section 11 of the Act sets out the Duties and Functions of the Board, among them being:

“11. It shall be the duty of the Board, within the limits of its resources,

(a) To develop all aspects of the tourist industry of Belize and to promote the efficiency of the industry;

(b) To adopt all such measures, as it may deem fit, to advertise and publicise Belize as a tourist resort throughout the year;…

(f) To undertake such research, experiments and operations as may appear to it to be necessary to improve the basis of the tourist industry and to control and eliminate any undesirable factors that may affect the industry;”