National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP).

A nurturing approach to Belize’s environment, economy and socio-cultural development through responsible and sustainable tourism projects…

The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) aims to achieve a set of quantitative and qualitative specific objectives by 2030.  These objectives have been based upon an in-depth analysis of the sector giving high priority to the industry stakeholder consultation(s) and the competitive tourism potential of the country.

The vision of the NSTMP is for Belize (as a destination) to be a recognized embodiment, within its international marketplaces as a unique, authentic, sustainable and competitive world-class destination.

The strategic goals of the NSTMP for 2030 are to provide: Leadership which will support the Belizean stakeholders in taking leadership over sustainable tourism development; Optimization of socio-economic benefits from tourism; Sustainable tourism planned development; and Competitiveness in achieving world-class destination status.

Specific objectives include: (a) supporting the improvement, restoration and diversification of overnight destinations and their products; and (b) strengthen national and local capacity for sector policy, destination planning and management.

Belize is an exclusive multicultural sustainable destination in the Central American Caribbean. It is a destination where the authenticity and friendliness of its people, coupled with the uniqueness of an exotic natural environment can be actively experienced within a conserved world.

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National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan

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