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2018 was an outstanding and record breaking year for both overnight and cruise tourism arrivals to Belize. The 2018 statistics reveal that not only was there a 14.6% growth in overnight tourist arrivals, but it was one of the largest increases in the last decade. Cruise arrivals also surpassed the 1 million mark again for the third consecutive year, showing a significant increase compared to 2017.

2019 Belize Travel & Tourism Mid-Year Performance Report

Travel & Tourism Mid-Year Report 2019

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The increase of over 62,000 visitors in 2018 may be attributed to many factors, such as securing seasonal direct flights from Canada, with the objective being to secure flights from Europe to Belize as well, the former being an increasingly targeted market for the country of Belize. South America has also been placed on the board in talks of being regarded as a potential main market, with strategies set in place to expand Belize’s reach in that region. As low cost air carriers become more accessible, visitors to Belize are increasingly younger, between the ages of 25 – 34. This points to Belize being more marketable to younger, adventurous travelers. For Caribbean overnight visitors, most of them are business travelers and, as always, surveys showed the US is responsible for the majority of tourist arrivals in 2018, with Europe being a close second and Canada being the third most arrivals.

Last year, total cruise passenger arrivals far surpassed 1 million visitors, with over 1.2 million cruise passengers arriving in Belize. This represented an increase of 19.1% or over 190,000 more cruise passengers than 2017. In December alone, cruise visitors totalled over 150,000 for the month; being the largest arrivals for any one month, since cruise tourism started in Belize.

Places of high interest on visitors’ radar include the offshore islands, the Barrier reef, the Blue Hole and archaeological sites, in that respective order. Through surveys, it was gathered that 93% of visitors would recommend Belize, proving an outstanding satisfaction rating.

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