Promoting tourism related initiatives…

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is in support of tourism initiatives seeking to conserve, promote and enhance Belize’s resources and culture. It is through advocacy of such acts that the overall tourism industry remains sustainable and protected.

The BTB considers the significance of each initiative to ensure that they meet the requirements under the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP). It is through this association that the BTB also achieves its mandate under the Belize Tourism Board Act, Chapter 275 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011  

BTB Memberships

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to be a member of leading tourism-based organizations such as: C.T.O (Caribbean Tourism Organization), C.A.T.A (Central American Tourism Agency), B.C.C.I (Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and S.I.T.C.A (Secretariat of Central American Tourism Integration).
These partnerships provide a foundation for the regionally cohesive implementation of tourism-related initiatives, such as: conservation, enhancement, trainings and governance.
Annual meetings are a platform for reviewing the goals and setting new objectives and projects in place to meet the growing needs of these tourist destinations.

Belize Tourism Board's Memberships

Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA): This cruise association allows for a forum on the discussions of cruise-related development and implementation initiatives. As one of the top cruise destinations within this region, Belize continues to evolve to meet the demands for a sustainable tourism destination.


Secretariat of Central American Tourism Integration (S.I.T.C.A):  SITCA organization executes the directives of the Central American Integration System (SICA), a unified governance and integration body for the economic, social, democratic and sustainable development of the Central America. In this respect, SITCA is the implementation body for the tourism related initiatives of SICA. As a member of this branch, the BTB works in unison to ensure that the necessary measures are taken to enhance Belize’s tourism sector.

Central American Tourism Agency (C.A.T.A): “CATA is the official agency in charge of the international promotion and positioning of the Central American Region as a multi-destination,” – CATA. As a member of this organization, Belize is intimately involved in the implementation of regional tourism-related business development and cohesion.


Caribbean Tourism Organization (C.T.O): Under the umbrella of the C.T.O, the marketing of the Caribbean as an appealing tourist region is at the forefront. Through this partnership other branches of a unified tourism approach are also prioritized These areas of importance include Tourism & Health initiatives, Sustainability, Research and Quality Assurance.


Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (B.C.C.I): The BTB is an advocate of the BCCI objectives. As legislated with the Laws of Belize, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the facilitating body for the best local and foreign investments. These investments are in respects to a spectrum of business opportunities and the development of services in areas of tourism agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, forestry and others.

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