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COVID-19 Update for Travellers

In an effort to keep all travellers to Belize informed, we are providing the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 below. 

Kindly take note of our Frequently Asked Questions and all official updates from our Ministry of Health below to keep updated.


Notice to all Android Users: Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the most current version of the Belize Travel Health App  (Version 1.1.10 or newer), to avoid technical difficulties.

FAQs Regarding Travelling to Belize

Updated January 15, 2021

  1. Who can visit Belize?

Any traveller is permitted to visit Belize at this time.  All travellers must:

  • download the Belize Health App and input the required information no more than 72 hours prior to landing in Belize, and
  • bring along a negative Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Covid-19 test taken within 96 hours of arrival in Belize, OR Rapid Antigen, Sophia, SD Bisensor, ABBOT (Panbio) test results taken no more than 48 hours of arrival in Belize. If neither is presented, you can take a Covid-19 test upon arrival if you are unable to bring a negative test.
  1. Where can I find the Belize Health App?

The Belize Health App is available for download via APK file for Android (version 1.09 or newer) and in the App Store.  The App can also be downloaded via  The App can be downloaded at any time prior to your trip to Belize, but your information should be entered no more than 72 hours prior to your arrival in Belize.   

Once complete, you’ll receive a unique travel ID and QR code; it is recommended that you take a screenshot of this to show the Health Officer upon arrival in Belize.

  1. I do not have a smartphone/not travelling with a phone – how will I be able to register for the Belize Health App? 

If you don’t have a smart phone, the App can also be downloaded to a tablet. 

  1. Where can I find a list of all the countries approved for entry to Belize?

The Government of Belize (GOB) does not currently have any travel bans in place.  We encourage you to visit regularly for updates on Covid-19, as the situation remains fluid.

  1. What specific measures are being taken in Belize to protect visitors from contracting the virus?

The country’s primary concern is to assure both travellers and residents that Belize’s tourism product is safer than ever beforeA series of new enhanced health and safety protocols have been put in place to protect visitors, Belizeans, and our communities. 

These include:

  1. Mandatory use of face masks in public spaces
  2. Enforcement of physical distancing measures in public spaces and capacity restrictions at restaurants (currently 50%), grocery stores, retail stores, etc.
  3. Introduction of the “Tourism Gold Standard Program” which seeks to enhance the tourism industry’s health and safety standards by adapting new behaviours and procedures to ensure both employees and travellers are confident in the cleanliness and safety of Belize’s tourism product. Some of these new measures include:
  • Online check-in/out, contactless payment systems, and automated ordering/booking systems
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization of public spaces and high touch surfaces
  • Capacity restrictions for all tourism sites to ensure physical distancing can be maintained
  • Smaller tour groups to provide a more intimate tour experience

Gold Standard entities can be easily identified by looking for the Gold Standard Certificate or Safety seal. 

Belize has also been recognized by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and is now one of two hundred destinations using the Councils “Safe Travels Stamp” – the world’s first global safety and hygiene mark that indicates that a destination has adopted global standardized health and hygiene protocols.

  1. If I am unable to take a COVID test prior to traveling to Belize, will I be required to test upon arrival? If so, what is the cost of the test?

Yes, we recommended that you bring along one of the accepted COVID tests (see #1 above) as this will provide for a ‘fast track’ arrival process.  Depending on the results of your health screening, you may be randomly selected for secondary testing. 

If you are unable bring along a COVID test, you will be required to test upon arrival; the cost is US$50.00. Only cash is accepted at this time; credit card machines and ATMs are not available in the Health Testing Unit.

  1. If I test positive at the airport, will I be able to get a flight back out of Belize without having to be placed in quarantine?

No.  All arriving passengers who test positive at the international airport will be placed in mandatory quarantine for a minimum of 14 days at the passengers’ expense.  It is therefore recommended that you obtain travel insurance prior to your trip to Belize.

  1. Will children (under 16 years old) be required to present a negative COVID test or be tested upon arrival as well?

Yes.  Currently children aged 5 years and older are being tested in Belize.  As the situation remains fluid, protocols are subject to change. Any passenger who tests positive upon arrival will be placed in mandatory quarantine for a minimum of 14 days at the travellers expense.

  1. How do I get from the airport to my hotel; are there certified transportation providers?

Yes.  Your hotel may offer airport pick-up services depending on their location.  Only approved transportation providers are permitted and at this time include the two domestic airlines, car rentals and taxis.  We recommend that you liaise with your hotel to learn more about how you will arrive at your hotel.

  1. Upon arrival in Belize, what will the Immigration and Customs process entail?

Enhanced health and safety measures have been adapted to protect both officers and arriving passengers.  Some of these measures include protective barriers to reduce contact between the officers and the passengers, kiosks for scanning of passports upon entry, luggage scanners in the Customs Hall, and safety barriers where inspection of luggage is required. 

  1. How long should I anticipate getting through arrivals?

Processing time varies depending on the result of your health screening and Covid-19 test results. 

  1. Can I stay at a non-Gold Standard accommodation?

At this time, all tourists must book their stay at a Gold Standard hotel.  The list of Gold Standard hotels can be found at

  1. Am I required to wear a mask?

Yes.  By law, all citizens and visitors to Belize must wear a face mask when in public spaces.  

  1. What should I do if I start to exhibit symptoms during my vacation? 

If you start to exhibit any Covid-like symptoms, immediately notify your hotel’s front desk, and they will implement their Covid Response Plan.  Should you develop symptoms, and test positive for the virus while in country, you will be required to quarantine for a minimum of 14-days at your expense.  It is highly recommended that you obtain travel insurance prior to coming to Belize in the event that you become sick while on vacation. 

  1. If someone at the resort where I’m staying tests positive for COVID, would everyone be quarantined for 14 days?

This is dependent on the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ contact tracing exercise.   The hotel will utilize its communication plan to advise of any necessary steps to be taken. 

  1. Are there still restrictions on movement for tourists?

Tourists visiting Belize can move about freely, however it is recommended that they remain within the Tourism Safe Corridor.  The Safe Corridor includes Gold Standard certified accommodations, tour operators, tourism transportation providers, restaurants, tourism sites and attractions, and gift shops.  These Gold Standard and certified entities have all been trained and have implemented enhanced health and safety measures. 

A curfew is currently in effect from 8:00 pm to 4:59 am daily.  Persons are not permitted to be in any public space during this time, and risk a fine if found in contravention of the regulation.

  1. If we are visiting Belize for an extended stay (12 months) will we still be required to download the Belize Health App?  

Yes.  All persons entering the country are required to download the Belize Health App despite the length of your intended stay.

  1. Is a digital copy of my negative Covid test acceptable?

An official email or other correspondence from the facility where your COVID test was taken with your name clearly indicating your result will suffice as proof of your negative test. 

We highly recommend that you take a screenshot of the test results to facilitate processing with Health Officials.

  1. If several people on the same flight test positive, what happens to the other passengers who were also on that flight?

Should several passengers test positive from the same flight, the Ministry of Health and Wellness will activate its contact tracing exercise.  This is why downloading the Belize Health App is a mandatory entry requirement for the country.

  1. Can I visit multiple Gold Standard Resorts during my visit to Belize?

Yes. You can spend time at several different Gold Standard resorts during your time in Belize.  Transfers to each resort can be arranged by the property and carried out by a Gold Standard tour operator or certified provider.

  1. Does Belize offer COVID testing for travellers when departing the country?

Yes, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is now offering COVID testing for passengers travelling to the US, Canada, and other destinations that require proof of a negative COVID test for entry.  For information on testing

Ministry of Health & Wellness Approved Testing Sites

  • Belize Medical Associates

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 223-0303

Public Testing Facility for Travelers

  •   Central Health Region

Telephone: 223-2722

  •   Cleopatra White Polyclinic

Telephone: 223-5213/223-0131

Private Testing Facility for Travelers

  •  Dr. Dimas Sansorez

D’s Clinic Email: [email protected] Telephone: 620-2369

Public Testing Facilities for Travelers 

  •  Dr. Otto Rodriquez Polyclinic:

Telephone: 226-2536


Private Testing Facilities for Travelers 

  • Belize Physicians Associates Ltd. *PCR/Rapid Antigen testing done here

Telephone: 226-2262

  • Belize Diagnostic

Telephone: 613-8378

  • Caring Hands

Telephone: 672-2273

Public Testing Facilities for Travelers 

  • Caye Caulker Health Center

Telephone: 226-0166/ 600-9539

Private Testing Facilities for Travelers 

  • Belize Diagnostic Center

Telephone: 613-8378

  • D’s Clinic

Telephone: 620-2369

Private Testing Facilities for Travelers

Public Testing Facility for Travelers

  • Corozal Community Hospital:

Telephone: 422-3903

Public Testing Facility for Travelers

  • Northern Regional Hospital

Telephone: 322-1560

Public Testing Facility for Travelers

  • Western Regional Hospital

Telephone: 822-2264/2263

Telephone: 824-2167

Public Testing Facility for Travelers

  • Southern Regional Hospital

Telephone: 522-3832/3835

  • Independence Polyclinic

Telephone: 523-2167

Public Testing Facility for Travelers

  • Punta Gorda Hospital

Telephone: 722-2026/2161

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