Wanderlust Magazine Explores the Vibrant Garifuna Culture of Belize

Belize City, Belize, November 13, 2023: – Wanderlust Magazine, a leading travel publication, takes readers on a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of the Garifuna people in Belize in its latest edition. Authored by renowned travel writer Lynn Houghton, the feature delves into the traditions, history, and cultural treasures of the Garifuna community.

In this in-depth exploration, Houghton introduces readers to the heart of Garifuna culture through interviews with Pen Cayetano, a celebrated musician and painter known for creating the Punta beat. Cayetano’s insights offer a personal touch to the narrative, providing a glimpse into the artistic and musical expressions that define the Garifuna experience.

As part of her exploration, Houghton embarked on the Garifuna trail, a novel initiative aimed at introducing visitors to local businesses and institutions promoting Garifuna art, food, crafts, and dance. The article unveils the charm of Hopkins Village and highlights key places to visit, accommodations, and the Gulisi Garifuna Museum, creating a comprehensive guide for those eager to immerse themselves in this unique cultural experience.

The feature not only showcases the Garifuna culture but also extends its gaze to other cultures coexisting in Belize, including the Maya, Mestizo, Mennonite, and Creole communities. This inclusive approach adds depth to the narrative, portraying Belize as a mosaic of diverse cultural influences.

Houghton’s immersive experiences, from drum making to the preparation of traditional Garifuna food like Hudut using authentic utensils, bring the article to life. Readers can expect a sensory journey, engaging with the sights, sounds, and flavors that define the Garifuna way of life.

Publication of the article comes on the eve of National Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19, adding an extra layer of significance to Belize’s growing reputation as a travel hotspot. 

In conjunction with the publication, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is delighted to announce the upcoming visit of acclaimed journalist Melanie Haiken. With an impressive portfolio covering travel stories with a focus on history, cultural heritage, nature, sustainability, and food, Melanie has contributed to esteemed outlets such as National Geographic, Afar, Conde Nast Traveler, BBC, and many more. 

During her visit, Melanie Haiken will be crafting both long-lead and short-lead stories, centering around the rich Garifuna culture. These stories will be pitched to a range of print and digital outlets, further highlighting Belize’s unique offerings and its commitment to preserving cultural heritage, promoting sustainable tourism, and providing an unforgettable travel experience.

As Belize continues to captivate the global travel community, the BTB looks forward to the positive impact that Melanie Haiken’s stories will have on further elevating Belize’s status as a premier and must-visit destination.

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