STP Hands over Hilux

STP Hilux Handing Over

Belize City, Friday September 2nd 2022: The Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations (MTDR) through the Sustainable Tourism Programme II, handed over 2 vehicles as part of a scheduled program of activities under Component (3) Institutional Strengthening geared towards the provision of tourism transportation security vehicles.  These vehicles will assist and improve on the destination management of the tourism sector.

During today’s ceremony, one vehicle was handed over to the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) Institute of Archaeology (IA) and the second vehicle was handed over to the Belize Police Department’s Tourism Police Unit (TPU) at the House of Culture in Belize City.

The vehicles, valued at $65,000.00 Bzd each, will serve to support the respective institutions to strengthen their capabilities in providing support security services.   NICH and the IA are tasked with the management of numerous archaeological sites across the country which have seen significant investments and upgrades to supporting visitor facilities.   Likewise the TPU, a specialized unit with the Belize Police Department, is tasked with policing one of Belize’s most important industries.

President of the National Institute of Culture and History, Ms. Merilyn Young,stated that the vehicle received today will greatly assist the Institute of Archaeology in its mandate to safeguard and protect the vast supporting infrastructure and other assets located at the many archaeological sites across the country.

As per Honorable Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries, the addition of the vehicle to the Tourism Police Unit serves to enhance the strategic partnership between his Ministry and the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations.   He noted that donations such as the vehicle handed over today contributes significantly to the tasks of ensuring the safety and security of tourism stakeholders and assets dispersed across the country.

At the handing-over ceremony, Hon. Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, stated that this donation is a part of a larger commitment by the MTDR and the Government of Belize to continue supporting the agencies involved in the overall safety and security transportation needs for the tourism sector.   The donation today represents a manifestation of the MTDR’s commitment to work with key strategic partners to serve the tourism sector in an effective manner.  He noted that the two vehicles today are part of a larger compliment of vehicles that are being acquired for this objective.

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