Inauguration of Fort George Artisan Alley, a Milestone in efforts to Renovate FGTZ

Belize City, Belize, January 18, 2024:  The Fort George Artisan Alley renovation project was officially inaugurated today in Belize City. The project marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance the Forge George Tourism Zone (FGTZ).

The renovation, conducted by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) in collaboration with the Belize City Council (BCC), is a testament of their commitment to sustainable tourism and local economic development. The revitalized Fort George Artisan Alley is poised to become a major income generator for local artisans while providing an enriched experience for visitors and patrons.

The project includes a redesign and expansion of infrastructure, offering additional display areas for each artisan booth. This expansion aims to create a dynamic and diverse marketplace for artisans to showcase their unique products. Lighting and state-of-the-art security cameras have been added, creating a safer environment for both visitors and business owners. This addition reflects a commitment to enhancing overall security within the Fort George Artisan Alley.

An aesthetically pleasing covering has been erected to shield the entire alley from the elements. This feature not only protects the artisans’ stalls but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors, rain or shine.

The outstanding presence of a welcoming atmosphere is made visible with the installation of the official name and enhanced with digital QR code location check-in signs and appropriate street markers in the surroundings.

The addition of well-maintained bathroom facilities also caters to the convenience of both vendors and patrons, further contributing to the overall appeal of the Fort George Artisan Alley.

In addition, a Tourism Information Centre has been strategically placed within the facility to assist visitors in navigating the Fort George Tourism Zone. This center will serve as a valuable resource, providing information about local attractions and activities.

The Fort George Artisan Alley renovation is part of a broader initiative under the Sustainable Tourism Project, emphasizing responsible tourism practices and community engagement. In his remarks, Minister Mahler shared, “When we invest in projects like this, it is an investment in our people.” With eighteen (18) artisans housed in the facility, the renovated alley is set to become a hub of cultural exchange and economic empowerment.

Speakers at the inauguration ceremony included Hon. Anthony Mahler, Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, Hon. Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform and Religious Affairs, His Worship, Mayor Bernard Wagner, and Mr. Evan Tillett, Director of Tourism, among others.

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