Online Payment, Invoicing & Real Time Account Information

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to inform you of the initial steps we are taking to improve our services to you. With the changes in technology and growing demand of the industry, we are cognizant of the necessity to continuously improve on efficiencies as we work together in this vital and important tourism industry.

The BTB has made it a priority to offer online business options and more real time account information to you, our industry partners. These improvements will be implemented in phases and we are delighted to announce this first phase which becomes effective November 1, 2017 and involves the following.

You will now receive an invoice for any transaction you conduct with us, a receipt for any payment made towards the invoice and monthly statements of your account. We sincerely believe that this will prove beneficial for both you the stakeholder and us; as this new automated process provides transparency, accountability and keeps you updated on your account balance.

In an effort to ensure that we transfer accurate account balances to our automated online system, and as a part of the implementation of our Invoicing Module, the accounts of Hoteliers who have unpaid balances at March 31, 2017 will be reviewed individually by our Audit Team, before it is transferred to this new system.  Therefore, effective the beginning of April, all account balances will initially reflect a “Zero” balance. However, upon completion of the accounts review, all unpaid balances will be transferred to your automated account and reflected on your monthly statement.

Your Control Number, which is your unique identification number, will be provided to you on your Invoices, Receipts and Statements.  We ask that you utilize this control number when submitting your monthly tax return, when making payments and on any other form or correspondence with the BTB. Your Control Number assists with ensuring that your information is posted correctly to your account, as it differentiates you from other tourist accommodations, especially those with similar names.

BTB Online Portal Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is the BTB Online Portal?


A:  The BTB Portal is an online platform to allow stakeholders to conduct various types of official
business such as tax submissions, licensing, guest registration and payments online by
offering a more convenient and value added experience. All BTB Account Holders will be
able to login in and access their information through a web portal from our website under
the tab


  1. Q:  What are the benefits for me to use BTB Online?A:   There are numerous benefits. The system is:
    • Convenient
    • Accurate
    • Secure
    • Payment is made in Real-time
    • Accessible
    • Offers Cost and Energy Saving


  1. Q: How will the online portal be rolled out?

A:    The system will be launched in three phases:

  • Phase 1 Launch (November 2017) – to allow Hotel Accommodation to submit Monthly Accommodation Tax Returns and access to online payments through the collaborative banks.
  • Phase 2 (First quarter of 2018) – to allow for Hotel Accommodation to submit online Guest Registration Forms and Report viewing.
  • Phase 3 (First quarter of 2018)) – to allow for Hotels, Tour Operators, Tour Guides and QRP’s to submit licensing applications and payments online.


  1. Q:   How do I create a BTB Online Account?

A:   To create a BTB Online Account:

  1. You must first be a licensed entity with the BTB
  2. The BTB will email you and request that you confirm your email.
  3. Once email is confirmed, the BTB will provide you with a link with instructions on how to register and access the online portal. This link will provide you with a Control ID and a Password.
  4. To access your online account, the system will request your email address, Control ID and Password.
  5. Q:   What is my Control ID?

A:  Your BTB control ID is an 8 digit alphanumeric ID that uniquely identifies you as an account
holder with the BTB. The combination is 3 letters + 5 numerals Eg. HOT00123.
This can be seen on all BTB invoices and receipts issued after April 1, 2017.

  1. Q: What are the steps involved to make an online submission of my monthly tax declaration
    form and payment?


A:     To make a MATR Submission

(a) Go to the BTB Online site at XXXX
(b) Login to your BTB Online account credential
(c) Go to ‘Reports’ Tab

(d) Select ‘New MATR’

(e) Input your Tax Declaration information

(f) Select ‘Complete’ form

(g) Review your MATR form for edit, save, or print

(h) Select ‘Submit’ form after confirmation

(i) Your invoice for the Tax declaration total will be generated automatically

(j) Review your Invoice for online payment or print-out to take to the bank.
B:  To make an Online Bank Payment:

  • Take note of your Invoice Amount (you will need this for your online payment)
  • Click “Pay now”
  • Select your Bank of Payment
  • In your Bank Portal, log on with your Bank credentials
  • Go to Bill Payment Tab
  • Select Belize Tourism Board (BTB) for payment
  • Input your BTB Control ID as Account Number
  • Input your recorded Invoice Amount Payment
  • Confirm payment process
  • Review and record bank receipt

C: To make a payment Over-the-Counter at the Bank:

  • Print your BTB Invoice
  • Present your Invoice to Bank Teller
  • Make your payment to Bank Teller
  • Review and record bank receipt


  1. Q:  Is the BTB Online Platform only for Hotels?A:     This is service designed for all stakeholders in the tourism industry and will be launched in
    phases as described on Q3 above.
  2. Q: Which Banks can I use?

A:     The participating banks are: Atlantic Bank, Belize Bank, Heritage Bank, and Scotia Bank.
Payments are processed through their online portal or you can visit your bank to make over
the counter payments. Access to the bank portal will be prompted when you select a ‘pay
now’ link after an Invoice is generated.

  1. Q: Can I still mail in?

A:   Yes, you can still mail in your entire tax declaration to the BTB Office on or before the 14th of
the following month or penalties and fines will be applied as per the Section 23 of Hotels
and Tourist Accommodation Act Chapter 285 of the laws of Belize. Mailing stamp date will
not be considered as the receipt date.

  1. Q:  Will Credit Card/PayPal payments be accepted?A:   Credit Cards, PayPal and other e-commerce payment options are currently unavailable.


  1. Q:  Will I be able to make payments from different bank accounts?

A:   Yes, BTB has now implemented a payment to account system which will be tracking account
by overall balances due. Payments from different banks or account deposits will be
accepted once you use the same Control ID number.  Please note that taxes are to be paid
in full on or before the 14th of the following month to not incur penalty and fines.

  1. Q:  Do I still need to send in my Guest Registration Forms (GRF)?A:    Yes, you will still be required to send in your Guest Registration Forms on or before the 14th  during Phase 1. However, Phase 2 will allow this to be submitted online.
  2. Q:   Can I still make payment at the BTB Office?A:   Yes, you can still make payment to any of our 2 BTB offices: 64 Regent Street, Belize City or
    Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro. Please note that tax submission and payment should still be
    made on or before the 14th to not incur any penalties.
  3. Q:    Will the due date remain the same?A:     Yes, due dates will remain the same as per Section 23 of the Hotel and Tourist
    Accommodation Act Chapter 285 of the laws of Belize. Tax submissions must be received
    on or before the 14th of the following month whether it is submitted online, mailed in, or
    personally delivered at our BTB Office so that penalties and fines are not incurred. Mailing
    stamp date will not be considered as the receipt date.


  1. Q:    Will there be any changes in penalties and fines for late payments?


A:     No, penalties and fines remain the same per Section 25 of the Hotel and Tourist
Accommodation Act. These fines and penalties include:

  1. Surcharge of 10% – charged for the late payment of taxes. The one-time 10% surcharge is applied to the principal tax once the payment is received after the 14th of the following month.
  2. Interest of 5% – additional charge for taxes remaining in default. The penalty charge of 5% interest is charged upon the expiration of the first 30 days of taxes being in default and at the beginning of every other 30 day period.
  • Violation Tickets of 3X room rate – charged for failure to submit a monthly tax return, guest registration forms, non-payment of taxes, or any other violations against the HTAA Act. The violation ticket is a fine of 3 times your highest declared room rate.
  1. Q:     Do I still need to file the manual Monthly Accommodation Tax Return (MATR) if I have
    submitted the MATR Online already?

A:     No, you will not need to file the manual MATR forms if you have submitted via the online. Please note that Guest Registration forms should still be sent in to the BTB Office on or before the 14th during the first phase.

  1. Q:     Will I get an Invoice and Receipt when using BTB Online?

A:     Yes, when you submit the tax declaration online, an invoice will be generated and
reflected in your account. You will be able to save or print a copy. Payments made
through the banks will be issued a receipt by the respective bank. The bank will send
BTB a report of the daily transactions made on the portal. BTB will then replicate the
payment transaction with your bank receipt number, date and amount. All banks
payments will be reflected the following business day. Once your BTB receipt is created,
you can access, view or print on your BTB Online Account.


  1. Q:    Will I be able to view my account balances?

A:    Yes, you will be able to view a statement of all your invoices and payments
transactions for the selected period on the BTB Online in Phase 2. See steps below:




(b)   Please note that all banks payments will be reflected the following
business day.

  1. Q:    When will I be able to apply and renew my license online?

A:    License application and renewal features will be available in Phase 3 (1st quarter of  2018).

  1. Q:     Can I select the period of tax report I want to make payment for?A:    No, you will not be able to select the invoices you want to make payment for with the
    new accounting system BTB have implemented. With a payment to account system,
    you will have an overall balance where payments will be made towards balances based
    on an aging sequence of penalties and fines first, followed by taxes.
  2. Q:     Do I need to file a tax return if I do not have any guest for the period or was
    temporarily closed?

A:     Yes, you will need to file a return once you are licensed for a given year or period. The tax return will be a nil-return report confirming to the BTB that there were no revenues for the tax period. The nil return is still subject to the tax submission due date on or before the 14th of the following month which can be made online. Failure to submit will result in a violation ticket as in Q15.


  1. Q:     Who can I contact for further information on the online platform?

A:     For further information kindly contact the BTB at 227-2420 or


Section 23 of the Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Act [HTAA] (Chapter 285)

We also take this opportunity to gently remind you that Section 23 of the Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Act [HTAA] (Chapter 285) requires that you furnish a Monthly Accommodation Tax Return, along with the Guest Registration Forms and Tax Payment no later than the 14th day of the following month.   All registered hotels/accommodations are required to make these submissions, (i.e. even if there was zero occupancy or temporary closure of the accommodation).

We look forward to working with you as we continue to develop and improve, in order to ensure that we provide an excellent and rewarding service.