Operator Directory

Your guide to the certified Tour Operators of Belize…

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) values its partnership with the highly-skilled license tour operators of Belize. Get acquainted with these professionals who are the backbone of Belize’s tourism industry.

For more information, please call 227-2420

Browse our list of all tour operators registered and certified through the BTB:
Licensed Tour Operators updated August,2018
Tour Operator Name Phone Default Address E-mail Web
S & L Travel & Tours Limited 227-7593 #91 North Front Street, Belize City [email protected] www.sltravelbelize.com
Belize City" [email protected] www.radisson.com
Belize City" [email protected] www.discoverybelize.com
Jaguar Ventures of Belize Limited 670-6028 P.O. Box 3, Belize City, Belize, Spanish Look-out Caye [email protected]
Belize Expeditions Limited 670-4468 Belize International Airport, Ladyville [email protected] www.bzexpeditions.com
Sea Sports Belize Ltd. 223-5505 #83 North Front Street, Belize City [email protected] www.seasportsbelize.com
Cruise Solutions Belize Ltd. 671-0748 5916 Manatee Drive, Belize City [email protected] www.shorexbelize.com
Ecological Tours & Charters 223-4874 Fort St. Tourism Village, Belize City [email protected] www.ecotoursbelize.com
Thompson's Tours 602-8944 17 Belizean American Site, Hattieville Village, Belize City [email protected]
Belize Horse & Carriage Tours & Services 604-5403 #65 Bella Vista, Belize City [email protected]
Belize Rays Ltd. 671-1184 101 B Freetown Rd., Ladyville [email protected] www.starfishislandbelize.com
Belize X-Stream Tours 632-6866 Booth 128, Brown Sugar Market Place, Belize City [email protected] www.belizecruiseexcursions.com
Splash Wave Tours 223-1145 3766 University Heights, Belize City [email protected] www.splashwavetours.com
Astrum Helicopters 222-5100 ml. 3½ Western Highway, Belize City [email protected] www.astrumhelicopters.com
Bacab Eco-Park / Future Vision Investment Co. Ltd. 225-4396/610-2953 1/4 Mile Burrel Boom Road, Burrell Boom Village [email protected]/[email protected] www.bacabecopark.com
NCQ Belize Adventure Tours 607-9134 1707 Manta Ray Blvd., Ladyville [email protected] www.ncqadventuretours.com
Cave-Tubing.com 605-1575 2½ mls. George Price Highway, Belize City [email protected] www.cave-tubing.com
The Calypso Train Tours Limited 223-5365 90 Princess Margaret Drive, Belize City [email protected] www.calypsotraintours.com
Tropical Excursions & Tours 669-1707 72 Antelope Street Ext., Belize City [email protected] belizeadventures.bz
Tourism Auto Transport Ltd. 670-0764 #139 Rhamdas Street, Belize City [email protected] www.vivtours.com
Belize Inland Tours and Transfer 628-3415 Fort Street Tourist Village, Belize City [email protected]
H2O Tierra Ltd. 610-3754 3784 University Blvd., Belize City [email protected] h20tierra.com
Coral Breeze Adventure Tours 615-5487 # 8 Lantana Street, Belama Phase 2, Belize [email protected] coralbreezetours.com
Belize Prizedland Tour 602-5593 6837 Aloe Vera St., Belize [email protected]
Jose's Tours 663-5000 142 Samuel Haynes, Belama Phase 1, Belize City [email protected] www.Josetoursbelize.com
Belize Nature Getaway Ltd use Baalche's Nature G 668-3772 Maya Vista Dr., Bullet Tree [email protected] www.Belizenaturegetaway.com
Belize Caribbean Tours 624-0765 Booth #1 Terminal 4 Fort Street Tourism Village, Belize [email protected] www.belizecaribbeantour.net
Big Johns Tours & Taxi 602-4069 #3 Fabers Rd., Belize [email protected]
Guerrero's Charter Service 227-6058 / 610-2203 Lot 3,4,5,6,Western Pines, George Price Highway, Belize [email protected] www.guerreroscharters.com
Irvin's Belizean Adventures 602-0608 8734 Curl Thompson St., Belize [email protected]
Tropical Sunset Horse & Buggy 629-8293 #10 York St., Belize [email protected]
Way To Go Belize Tours 601-4447 #33 Nargusta St., Belize [email protected] [email protected]
Belize Fun Tours 625-6976 31 Dew Drop Estates, Ladyville Village [email protected] www.belizefuntours.com
Nauti By Nature Belize 604-2945 Placencia Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.Nautibynature belize.com
Sit And Sip Tours Limited 223-2453 10 Fort Street , Belize City [email protected]
BILEEZHAN FLAYAZ TOORZ 625-2448 [email protected]
5 Star Adventures & Excursions 670-7831 7753 Madam Liz avenue, Belize City, Belize [email protected] www.cavetubingstar.com
Touch Taste & C Belize 607-8925 [email protected]
Exotic Shore Excursions Ltd. 610-4109 5957 Calle al Mar, Belize, Belize City [email protected]
Rya Charters and Tours 624-0910 25 Freedom St., Belize City, Belize [email protected]
Unbelizeable Tubing 624-8960 Nohoch Che-en Park, Cayo [email protected],net www.Cave-tubing.net
Belize Impressive Tours Company Ltd. 615-2754 4th St Tourism Village, Terminal 4 Booth 7, Belize [email protected]; [email protected]
Belize Concierge Excellent 223-3206 6181 Dolphin Drive, Buttonwood Bay, Belize City [email protected] bzeconcierge.com
Smart Travel Belize 610-0478 66 Los Lagos, Ladyville Village [email protected] www.smarttravelbelize.com
High Adventure Tours Ltd 671-3200 [email protected]
Wonders of The Barrier Reef Tours Ltd 610-3901 [email protected]
Challenge Travel & Tours 671-8100 52 Old Well Road, Lord's Bank Village, Belize City [email protected] www.mystiquebelize.com
Belmopan City La Democracia Village" [email protected] www.monkeybaybelize.com
Belize River Lodge Ltd 225-2002 P.O. Box 459, Belize City [email protected] www.belizeriverlodge.com
Bakabush /Chukka Adventure Tours Ltd. 223-4438 1646 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard, Belize City [email protected] www.chukkacaribbean.com
Belize Exclusive 604-2147 86 Bouganville Street, Ladyville bzeexclusive @yahoo.com www.belizeexclusive.com
Cave Tubing R Us 615-3604 14.5 mls Western Highway, Hattieville [email protected] www.cavetubingrus.com
A Plus Adventure Belize 602-9974 10 1/4 miles, Phillip Goldson Highway, Ladyville [email protected] www.aplusadventuresbelize.com
Belize Blue Morpho Tours & Services 627-1706 #184 Los Lagos, Ladyville [email protected] www.belizebluemorphotours.com
Belize R Us 225-9158 # 2 Dawson Lane, Belize [email protected] www. blackorchidresort.com
Highway Trails Resort & Counry Club Ltd. 615-0986 27 - 1/2 Mls old Northern Hwy, Lucky Strike [email protected] www.Highwaytrails.bz
Black Howla Ecolution Tours 601-6468 Bermudian Landing, Belize Rural [email protected] www.blackhowlermonkeys.bz
CaveTubers Excursions Ltd 670-3734 Freetown Sibun, [email protected] www.cavetubers.bz
P & M Adventures 625-0032 #290 West Lake Park, 8 Miles Western Highway, Belize [email protected] www.pravincavetubing.com
S&R Adventure Tours 601-8905 194 Beliean American Site, Hattieville Village, Belize [email protected]
Belize Exotic Adventures Limited 670-2545 25. 3/4 Mls. Old Northern Highway, Boston Village [email protected] www.discoverbelize.bz
Belize Tours 4 U 605-7896 108 Camal Street, Hattiville [email protected]
Henry Adventure Tours 600-3639 General Delivery, Maskall Village [email protected] www.henryadventuretours.com
Olmecs Eco Tours 621-0432 17.5 Ml. George Price Highway, Bainsville [email protected]
Ayinha Adventures Ltd. 671-2946 Lemonal Village, Belize River Valley, Belize Rural [email protected]// [email protected] www.ayinha.com
Discounted Belize Shuttles and Tours 624-5022 Phillip Gold11.5 Mls Old Northern Highway, Ladyville Village, Belize Rural [email protected] www.discountedbelizeshuttlesandtours.com
Belize Boutique Resort & Spa 225-5555 [email protected] belizeresortandspa.com
Duce's Best Belize Tours 602-0734 16 Miles George Price Highway, Hattieville Village
Belize Raindrops Adventures 602-1142 13.5 Miles George Price Highway, Belize [email protected]
Belize Sensational Tours 620-4555 13 Miles George Price Highway, Belize
Nature Resort 607-5448 Bermudian Landing, Belize Rural [email protected] www.natureresortbelize.com
Belize Sensational TOurs 620-4555
Frenchies Diving 226-0234 Avenida Hicaco, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.frenchiesdivingbelize.com
Belize Diving Services Ltd. 226-0143 Chapoose Street, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.belizedivingservices.com
Anwar Tours 226-0327 Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] anwartours.com
E-Z Boy Tours 226-0349 Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.ezboytoursbelize.com
Caye Caulker Village" [email protected]
Hicaco Tours 602-6263 Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.hicacotour.com
Raggamuffin Tours 226-0348 Front St., Beach Front, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.raggamuffintours.com
Mario's Tours 620-7215 Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker Village [email protected]
Shark & Ray Tours 660-4242 General Delivery, Caye Caulker Village
Black Durgon Dives 622-3823 Front Street, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.blackdurgondivers.com
Reef Snorkeling Tours 600-8407 Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker Village [email protected]
Anda De Water Tours 6351842 Luciano Reyes Street, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.snorkelandadewatabelize.com
Anglers Abroad 226-0602 Hattie Street, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.anglersabroad.com
French Angel Expeditions 670-7506 Calle del Sol, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.frenchangelexp.com
Black Hawk Sailing Tours 607-0323 Front Street, Caye Caulker Village [email protected] www.blackhawksailingtour.com
Barefoot Fisherman Expeditions 634-1704 Cor. Avenida Hicao & Hittie St., Caye Caulker [email protected] [email protected]
Calle Al Sol Caye Caulker" [email protected] www.libertysailingtours.com
Scuba Sensation 667-4700 51 B Pacheco Drive, Caye Caulker [email protected] www.scubasensation.net
Contour 629-2204 Playa Asuncion, Caye Caulker [email protected] www.contourbelize.com
TA Adventures Limited 226-0462 Beachfront, Caye Caulker [email protected] www.tsunamiadventures.com
Caveman Snorkeling Tours 226-0367 Front St., Caye Caulker [email protected]
Vanzie's Tours 651-2529 Lind's Cocal Street, Caye Caulker Village, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Richard Adventures 602-0024 Beachfornt, Next to Popeyes Beach Resort, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Caye Caulker Reef Friendly Tours 624-2862 Avenida Hicaco, Caye Caulker [email protected] www.reeffriendlytours.com
King Fish Tours Limited 604-5407 Front St, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Seaworthy Excursion 602-7775 Front Street, Caye Caulker [email protected] www.seaworthyexcursionsbelize.com
Blu Sea Diving Services 226-0450 Estrella St/Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker [email protected]/ blueseasdivingbelize www.blueseadiving.com
Seagrass Tours 601-2245 Calle La Poza, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Stressless Tours 624-6064 Corner Avenida Hicaco and Calle Al Sol, Caye Caulker [email protected] www.stresslesstours.com
Rasta Turtle Tour 634-2088 #18 Marvin Ganey Street, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Rainbow Seeing is Belizing Tours 607-0026 Avenida Hicaco, Caye Caulker Village, Belize [email protected]
Chasin Tail 226-0054 [email protected] www.chasintail.bz
Caye Caulker Native Tours 604-4526 Playa Asuncion, Caye Caulker Village, CAYE CAULKER [email protected] facebook.com/cayecaulkernative
Green Reef Tours 633-2275 Avenida Langosta, Caye Caulker Village [email protected]
Island Magic Beach Resort Ltd 226-05050 Avenida Hicaco, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Smugglers Cove Tours 600-4709 Avenida Hicaco, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Blue Wave Divers 636-3366 Avenida Hicaco, Caye Caulker [email protected]
Water GoddessTours 501-610-8547 [email protected]
Sea Life Adventure Tours 636-1378
Nauti Time Tours 602-6969/607-7097
San Ignacio Resort Hotel (Cayo Gial Tours) 824-2034 #18 Buena Vista Street, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.sanignaciobelize.com
Mountain Equestrial Trails Ltd. 669-1124 Mile 8 Mountain Pine Ridge Road, Georgeville [email protected] www.metbelize.com
Maya Mountain Lodge 824-2164 3/4 mls. Cristo Rey Rd., Santa Elena Town [email protected] [email protected] www.mayamountain.com
San Ignacio Town" [email protected]'s.com www.duplooys.com
Cayo Adventure Tours 824-3246 Corner Bella Vista & 3rd st., San Ignacio [email protected] www.cayoadventure.com
Caves Branch Adventure Co. 610-3451 Mile 41.5 Hummingbird Highway, PO BOX 356 BELMOPAN, Belmopan City [email protected] www.cavesbranch.com
Blancaneaux Lodge 824-3878 Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.blancaneaux.com
Chaa Creek Ltd. 824-2037 77 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.chaacreek.com
Angel Tours Belize 622-8472 #5 Coconut Street, Santa Elena, Santa Elena Town [email protected]
TEAKETTLE Belmopan City" [email protected] www.pookshilllodge.com
P.O Box. 48 Belmopan " [email protected] www.bananabank.com
Yute Expeditions Limited 824-2076 #7-5th Street, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.inlandbelize.com
Cahal Pech Village Resort 824-3740 Cahal Pech Hill, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.cahalpech.com
Mayawalk Tours 824-3070 #19 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.mayawalk.com
Benque Viejo Town" [email protected] www.riverratbelize.com
Jungle Adventure Tours 834-4562 Upper Barton Creek, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www. bartoncreekcave.com
Paradise Expedition 670-2473 Crystal Paradise Resort, Cristo Rey Village [email protected] www.birdinginbelize.com
David's Adventure Tours 804-3674 / 628-2837 Savannah Street, San Ignacio Town [email protected]
Jungle Walk Expedition Tours 666-6610 General Delivery, San Jose Succotz [email protected] www.belizeguidedtours.bz
Hidden Valley Inn 822-3320 Mile 4 Cooma Cairn Road, San Antonio Village [email protected] www.hiddenvalleyinn.com
Belize Jungle Dome Limited 628-8550 Belize Jungle Dome, Banana Bank, P.O. Box 541, Belmopan City, Cayo Belize [email protected] www.belizejungledome.com
Pacz Tours 824-0536 30 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.pacztours.net
Martz Farm Treehouses & Cabanas Ltd. 834-4646 8.5 mls. Hydro Rd., Benque Viejo Town [email protected] www.martzfarm.com
Mariposa Tours Ltd. 670-2113 San Antonio Road, San Antonio Village [email protected]iposajunglelodge.com www.mariposajunglelodge.com
Belize Nature Travel 824-3314 San Leopoldo Street, Santa Elena Town [email protected] www.experiencebelize.com
The True Vine Adventures 662-9605 Bishop Martin Street, Santa Elena Town [email protected]
Black Rock Expeditions Ltd. 834-4049 Negroman Road, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.blackrocklodge.com
Ka'Tun Ahaw Tours 824-2661 10 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.belizeculturetours.com
Crossroads Expeditions International 604-2529 Franks Eddy Village, Cayo, Cayo [email protected] www.ceibelize.com
Mayan Heart World Adventure Tours 676-2657 #29 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.mayanheartworld.net
Wolf's Tours 605-4640 Mile 57 George Price Highway, Blackman Eddy Village [email protected] www.wolfs-tours.de
Kin Winik Jungle Tour 663-5494 Bishop Martin Street, San Ignacio Town, Cayo [email protected] www.kinwinniejungletour.com
Maximum Adventure Tours 623-4880 #27 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town [email protected] www.maximumadventuretours.com
Belize Magnificent Mayan Tours 621-0312 San Jose, Succotz Village, Cayo [email protected] www.bzmtours.com
Darah Travel Ltd. 822-3272 21 Moho Street, Belmopan [email protected] www.belizetravelservices.com
Natural Wonders Expedition 670-2874 7 mile Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo [email protected]
Calico Jack's Village 832-2478 El Progresso (7 Mile), El Progresso [email protected] www.calicojacksvillage. com
Edwin's Belize Adventure Tours 677-1284 #9 Santa Teresa Street, Santa Elena [email protected] www.youbelizetours.com
Bush Dog Adventures 834-4100 Mile 6 Cristo Rey Village, Cayo [email protected]
Gaia Tours 820-4005 Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve , Cayo District [email protected]
Chac Mo'ol Adventure Tours 663-8497 San Antonio Village, Cayo [email protected]
Hide-A-Way Camp Adventure Tours Ltd. 660-8076 8.5mls Hydro Road, Benque Viejo [email protected]
Nine Belize Ecocultural Tours 602-6682 14-4th Street, San Ignacio, San Ignacio [email protected] www.ninebelize.com
Belize Inland Tours 615-6239 Mile 44, Blue Hole N.P, Hummingbird highway, [email protected] www.belizeinlandtours.com
Green Belize Adventures 601-9154 29 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo [email protected]
Private Belize Adventure 615-3163 106 Cooperative Avenue, Roaring Creek Village, Cayo [email protected] www. privatebelizeadventure.com
Kinich Ahau Cave Tubing Tours 676-1109, 661-8119 Franks Eddy , Cayo [email protected] www.belizecaveadventures.com
Explore Inland Tours 620-5616 #22 Burns avenue, San Ignacio [email protected] www.exploreinlandtours.com
Go Maya Belize Adventures 824-2795 2-1/2 Mls Benque Road, Benque Viejo Town [email protected],com www.gomayabelize.com
Carlos the Caveman Tours 669-7619 Cor S t. Joseph & Cemetery St, Benque Viejo [email protected] www.carlosthecavemantours.com
Cayo" [email protected] cavetubingparadise.com
Belize Grand Jaguar Tour 621-5918 Kontiki, San Ignacio [email protected] www.belizegrandjaguartours.com
Belize Archaelogy Tours 654-3021 74 Burns Ave., San Ignacio Town [email protected] belizearchaeologytours.com
Cayo Inland Expeditions 662-6619 68 Ml George Price Hwy, San Ignacio [email protected] www.belizeinlandexpeditions.com
Lucero's Exotic Tropical Tours 600-9158 #2 23rd St., San Ignacio [email protected]
Hummingbird Highway
Armenia Village" [email protected] www.upsidedowntours.com
Authentic Travel Ltd. 633-8996 53 Bradley's Bank, Santa Elena [email protected] www.authentictravelbelize.com
Belize jungle Masters.com 660-5656 Mile 37, George Price Highway, Cayo [email protected] www.Belizejunglemasters.com
Eco Camino 601-8572 #73 Benque Road, San Ignacio [email protected] www.ecocaminobz.com
St. Leonard's 662-4801 Mile 71 George Price Highway, San Lorenzo Farm, Cayo [email protected] www.stleonardstours.com
Belize True Adventures 615-3156 Armenia Village, Cayo [email protected] www.belizetrueadventures.com
Kaatz Witz Maya Tours 662-6532 George Price Street, San Jose Succotz [email protected] www.kaatzwitztours.com
Marlin Espadas Ltd. 627-9990 #3 Jamaica St, Belmopan [email protected]
Bird Trekking Belize 668-3076 / 620-2984 13 Melhado St., San Ignacio [email protected];[email protected] [email protected]
George Adventure Tours 665-5463 Boition New Area, San Ignacio [email protected]
Darah Transfers & Tours Ltd. 610-3339 21 Moho St., Belmopan City [email protected]; [email protected] www.Belize-Transfers.com
JC Inland Belize Tours 621-8943 #2 Coyoc St., San Ignacio, Cayo [email protected] www.facebook.com/JC Inland Belize Tours
Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge 822-3850/51 22 Canada Hill Street, Belmopan, Cayo [email protected] www.vivabelize.com
Jungle Splash Eco-tours 666-0935 24 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town, Cayo junglesplash[email protected] www.junglesplashtours.com
Hannas Farm World 661-1536 [email protected] www.hannastables.com
Yaxche Adventure Tours 666-7268 #17 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo [email protected] www.yaxcheadventuretours.com
Belize Caving Expeditions 662-0506 Kukulkan St, San Jose Succotz, Cayo [email protected] www.belizecaving.com
Belize Family Adventure 600-9192 Kukulkan, San Jose, Cayo [email protected] www.belizefamilyadventure.com
Belize Adventure Trails 624-9089 #9 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo [email protected] belizeadventuretrails.com
Andy's Maya Expedition 650-7667 10 Linda Vista St., Santa Elena, Cayo [email protected]
Wildland Belize Adventures 634-5391 St. Margaret's Cillage, Cayo [email protected] www.wildlandbelize.com
Aves Tours 667-5424 Santiago Juan Layout, San Ignacio, Cayo [email protected]
Jam Jam Tours 621-7638 Santiago Juan Layout, Granadillo St., San Ignacio Town [email protected] jamjamtours.bz
Jerrys Kids Belize Adventure Getaway Tours 620-6887 Teakettle Village, Cayo [email protected]
Belize Pro Tours 654-2976 Cristo Rey Village, Cayo [email protected]; [email protected] www.belizeprotours.com
Purple Mayan 632-0688 14 Riverside St., Benque Viejo, Cayo [email protected] www.purplemayan.com
New Moon Enterprises 633-5262 [email protected] www.newmoonbelize.com
Central American Collections 8223272 21 Moho St., Belmopan [email protected]
Ayala's Natural Pool & Adventures 663-9494 Mile 6 Hummingbird Highway, Cayo [email protected]
Indulge In Amazing Nature Tours 501-668-9085 [email protected]
Emerald Belize Tours 667-8910 San Jose Estate, Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo, San Ignacio Town [email protected]
Belize Wings 670-0782 Kontiki Ext., Cayo [email protected]
Exclusive Belize Adventure Tours Ltd. 6153070 19 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio, Cayo
Belizeing Adventure & Nature Travel 615-1242 #54 Edwardo Juan St., Santa Elena Town [email protected]
Belize Zoological Edventures Limited 604-5464 [email protected]
A and A Adventures Belize 622-8250 Armenia Village, Cayo District [email protected]
Darknight and Hell Gate Tours Ltd 668-5589 Frank Eddy Village, Hell Gate Area, Cayo District [email protected]
Mystique Belize 671-8100
G&W Enterprise 615-6618 [email protected]
MexBelGua 622-6962
Vital Nature & Mayan Tours 602-8975 General Delivery, Franks Eddy Village [email protected];[email protected] www.cavetubing.bz
Bluegreenbelize.com 664-8852 Sarteneja, Corozal [email protected] www.bluegreenbelize.com
Indigenous & Rain Forest Tours 626-1911 Buena Vista Village, Buena Vista Village [email protected] www.indigenousrainforesttours.com
Tradewinds Hospitality 650-1925 Orchid Bay, Chunnox Village, Corozal [email protected] www.orchidbaybelize.com
Turneffe Enterprises Ltd d/ba/a Turneffe Flats 232-9022 Northern Bogue, Turneffe Atoll, Belize City [email protected] www.tflats.com
Blackbird Caye Resort Limited 223-2767 3 Eyre Street, Belize City [email protected]
Blue Coral Tours Ltd. 532-2990 Little Caye Bokel, Turneffe Atoll, Belize [email protected] www.turnefferesort.com
P.O. Box 195 Dangriga Town" [email protected] www.offthewallbelize.com
Lamanai Eco Adventures 322-3653 General Delivery, Carmelita Village [email protected] www.lamanaiecoadventures.com
Upclose Belize formerly Wildlife Tours 601-4240 13C Vista Del Mar, Ladyville [email protected] www.upclosebelize.com
Lamanai Eco Tours 610-1753 49.5 Mls. Phillip Goldson Highway, Carmelita Village [email protected] www.Lamanaiecotours.com
Lamanai River Tours 670-0700 [email protected]
Reyes & Sons Tour 666-6713 15 Tower Hill, Orange Walk [email protected]
AlTourNative Belize Services 667-2741 66 Douglas Village, Orange Walk [email protected] www.altournativebelizeservices.com
Lamanai Belize Tours 630-5170 Corner Liberty Ave and Unity Street, Orange Walk [email protected] www.lamanai belizetours.com
Maya World Adventures LTD 671-3200 Tower Hill, Orange Walk [email protected]
Epic Mayan Tours 669-2763 Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk, Orange Walk [email protected],ail.com
Nephi Lamanai Belize Tours 670-8985 [email protected]; [email protected]
Olfert & Son Boat Services 662-2783 Tower Hill Village, Orange Walk Town [email protected]
Turtle Inn Resort 523-3244 General Delivery, Placencia Village [email protected] www.turtleinn.com
Trip'N Travel 523-3205 General Delivery, Placencia Village [email protected] www.tripntravel.bz
Cool Running 670-2986 Matilda Ft. St., Pt. Placencia [email protected] www.coolrunningsbelize.com
Splash Dive Center Limited 523-3080 General Delivery, Placencia Village [email protected]ize.com www.splashbelize.com
The Placencia Hotel & Residences 533-4111 North Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula [email protected] www.theplacencia.com
D-Tourz 600-2318 General Delivery, Placencia Village [email protected] placenciadtourz.com
Placencia Eagle Ray Tours 661-9516 sidewalk, Placencia Village [email protected] www.Placenciatoursbz.weebly.com
Day Tripper Catamaran 666-3117 41 Harbor Place, Placencia [email protected] www.daytripperbelize.com
Ox Kawil Ahaw 623-1715 Placencia, Stann Creek [email protected] www.placenciainlandtour.weebly.com
Roam Belize 630-7870 Main Street, Placencia [email protected] www.roambelize.com
Mother Nature Tours 605-7631 Main St., Placencia [email protected]
Sunny Side Tours 610-1040 General Delivery, Placencia [email protected] www.belizescubasolutions.com
Taste Belize 664-8699 Main Street(Behind Macovy Blues), Placencia [email protected] www.tastebelize.com
On The Hook 636-8681 Placencia Sidewalk, Leslie Lane, Placencia [email protected] onthehookbelize.com
Seahorse Internet and Tours 523-3356/669-9005 General Delivery, Placencia [email protected]
Captain Jaks 628-6447 Main Road, Placencia Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.capatainjaks.com
Placencia Ecology Tours 637-4643 Seine Bight Village Main Road, Stann Creek [email protected] www.fragmentsofhope.org
Sand and sea Placencia Adventures 636-5154 Dodo St., Placencia, Placencia [email protected] www.belizegetaway.wix.com
Go Sea Tours 610-3781 Pt. Placencia, Placencia [email protected] www.goseatours.com
Naia Resort & Spa 523-4600 Mile 17.5 Placencia Rd., Placencia, Placencia [email protected] www.naiaresortandspa.com
Barefoot Services 523-3066 Main St., Placencia [email protected] www.barefootservicesbelize.com
Placencia Fishing Charters 610-1079 General Delivery, Placencia Village [email protected] www.placenciafishingcharter.com
Belize King of the Howlers Jungle & Sea Tours 623-1789 Westby Lane, Placencia Village, Placencia [email protected]
Whipray Caye Fishing Lodge 632-9104 Placencia Village, Placencia [email protected]
Double Deuce Charters & Tours Ltd. 626-2195 Marina House 10, Robert's Grove, Placencia Village [email protected]
Placencia Wildside Adventures 672-3483 Main Road, Placencia [email protected] www.placenciasnorkeling.com
Nautical Adventures Belize 635-6247 Sunset Marina Road, Placencia, Stann Creek [email protected]tmail.com www.nauticaladventurebelize.com
Reef Looker Ltd. 615-1386 #38 Harbour Place, Placencia [email protected] www.reeflooker.com
Robert's Grove Tours and Adventures Ltd 523-6565 www.robertsgrove.com [email protected]
Sea Terra Adventures 602-9825
Privasea Adventures 628-7926 Placencia Village, Stann Creek District
Truly Wild Belize 624-9991
Victoria House /Jaguar Holdimgs Ltd. 226-2067 Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.victoria-house.com
Belize Ocean Divers 627-7338 Big Daddy's Beach Front, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.belizeoceandivers.com
Ramon's Village Resort 226-2071 Coconut Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.ramons.com
Tuff-E- Nuff Tours Dive Shop 226-2944 3.5 Miles North, San Pedro Town [email protected]/[email protected] www.tuffenufftours.com
West of San Pedro Town P.O. Box 244 San Pedro Town" [email protected] www.aprivateisland.com
SEAduced By Belize Ltd. 226-2254 Tarpoon Street, San Pedro Town [email protected]; [email protected] www.seaducedbybelize.com
Sea*rious Adventures 226-4202 Beach Front, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.seariousadventuresbelize.com
Leslie's Blue Hole Diver 600-8435 Lagoon Street, PO BOX 34, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.ladyleliebelize.com
Grumpy & Happy Enterprises 226-3420 19 Fire Coral Street, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.grumpyandhappy.com
Reef Adventures 226-2538 Wet Willy's Dock, San Juan Area, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.reefadventures.net
Deep Penetration Adventure Co. Ltd. DBA Chuck & Ro 226-4425 Beach Front, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.ambergriscayediving.com
Belize Diving Adventures 226-3082 Foreshore, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.belizedivingadventures.net
Go Fish Belize 226-3121 #7 Boca Del Rio Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.gofishbelize.com
Xanadu Island Resort 226-2814 Sea Grape Drive, San Pedro Town, Belize [email protected] www.xanaduislandresort.com
Suya Tours 226-3219 Mosquito Coast Area, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.suyatoursbz.com
Lil Alfonse Tours 226-3136 Coconut Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.ambergriscaye.com
Mata Rocks Resort 226-2336 47 Coconut Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.matarocks.com
Action Divers and Adventures 226-2421 #1 Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.actiondiversbelize.com
San Pedro Town San Pedro Town" [email protected] www.coraldiversbelize.com
White Sands Dive Services Ltd. 226-2405 6 Miles North Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.whitesandsdiveshop.com
Jungle Water Adventures 671-2453 #9 Coconut Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.junglewaterbelize.com
Island Divers Belize 226-4800 Beach Front, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.belizeislanddivers.com
Inland & Sea Adventures 226-3088 Corner Barrier Reef Drive and Black Coras Street, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.inlandandsea.com
El Pescador Ltd. 226-2975 2.6 mls. North, San Pedro Town [email protected] / [email protected] www.elpescador.com
Mata Chica Resort 226-5010 5 mls. North, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.matachica.com
Unique Dive Adventures Ltd. 621-2769 #11 Turtle Street, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.uniquediveadventures.com
Cari-Bean Fishing Snorkeling and Bar-B-Que Trips 604-8844 #37 A D.F.C Area, San Pedro Town [email protected] cari.beantoursbelize.com
Oh! Danny Boy Limited 601-0414 49 Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected]
B & D Belize Magical Adventures 660-1271 #1 Cypress Street, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.belizemagicaladventures.com
Tres Pescados Fly Shop 226-3474 41 Barrier Reef Drive, PO BOX 234, San Pedro [email protected] www.belizefly.com
Caribbean Breeze Tours 206-2350 Beach Front and Caribena St. , San Pedro [email protected] www.caribbean breezetours.com
Blue Heaven dives and Tours 637-6040 Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro [email protected] www.blueheavendives.com
Caribbean Adventures Belize 206-2426 Pescador Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.caribbeanadventuresbelize.com
Belize Pro Dive Center Limited formerly White Sand 226-2092 Seagrape Drive, Mar De Tumbo, San Pedro [email protected] www.belizeprodivecenter.com
Amigos Jungle Tours 226-2507 Beachfront, San Pedro Town [email protected] amigosjungletours.com
Belize Master Tours 622-8957 D.F.C. 31 , San Pedro [email protected] www.belizemastertours.com
No Worries Tours 663-0739 10 Miles North, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.noworriestours.com
Coral Tours Sailing Ltd. 621-7245 Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro [email protected] www.catamaranbelize.com
Creative Tours Belize Ltd. 628-2704 Sunflower St., San Pedro [email protected] www.creativetoursbelize.com
Tropic Air Limited 226-2626 Coconut Dr., San Pedro Town [email protected] www.tropicair.com
Castaway Caye Limited 671-3000 Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro [email protected] www.castawaycaye.com
Sea Star Belize 226-3365 Tres Cocos Area, Casa Buena Suerte, San Pedro [email protected] seastarbelize.com
Island Dream Tours Ltd. 615-9656 Beachfront Sandbar Hostel Dock, Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.islanddreamtours.com
CAT Belize Mayaland Tours 651-7173 [email protected] c.a.tbelizemayalandtours.com
New Day Adventures 226-5254 [email protected] newdayadventures.com
Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures Ltd. 610-0226/226-4880 Black Coral St, Beach Front, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye [email protected] www.xsitebelizesailing.com
Belize Celebrity Diving 636-3480 [email protected]
Belize Food Tours 615-1321 [email protected] www.belizefoodtours.com
Triton Under Sea Adventures 671-4775 Corona Del Mar Pier, San Pedro, Belize [email protected]
Felicity Sailing 650-8994 Belize Yatch Club, San Pedro Town, San Pedro Town [email protected] felcitysailingbelize.com
Aqua Scuba Belize Dive & Adventures 226-4775 Spindrift Hotel Dock, San Pedro [email protected] www.aquascubabelize.com
Explore Belize Guided Tours 665-1434 4.5 Miles North, San Pedro [email protected]
Belize Diamond Adventures 633-0176 Tarpon St., San Pedro Town [email protected]
Ambergris Luxury Charters 226-5126 Corner Tarpon Street and Pescador Drive, San Pedro [email protected] www.ambergrisluxurycharters.com
Scuba Daze Belize 615-5843 San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town [email protected] www.scubadazebelize.com
Bigg's Marine Adventure 627-9177 Secret Beach, San Pedro [email protected]
CJ's Reef Shack 600-1805 10 Miles North, San Pedro [email protected] www.cjsreefshack.com
P.O. Box106
Dangriga Town" [email protected]
Diversity Tours & Treasures/Second Nature Divers 661-7444 Lot 86, Phase I, Sittee Point, Hopkins [email protected]
Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort 533-7073 Sitte River Road, Hopkins Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.hamanasi.com
Tutzil Nah Cottages & Tours 636-4750 General Delivery, Maya Center Village [email protected] / [email protected] www.mayacenter.com
Blue Marlin Resort 522-2243 South Water Caye, Offshore South, Stann Creek District [email protected] www.bluemarlinlodge.com
Reef's End Lodge 676-8363 South Point, Tobacco Caye, Stann Creek [email protected] www.reefsendlodge.com
P.O. Box 297 Hopkins Village/ Dangriga Town" [email protected] www.jaguarreef.com
Glovers Atoll" [email protected] www.gloversatoll.com.bz
Hopkins Kulcha Giftshop N Tours 661-8199 General Delivery, Hopkins Village [email protected]
Belizean Dreams Resort 523-7272 Hopkins Village, PO BOX 49, Stann Creek www.belizeandreams.com [email protected]
Coco Plum Island Resort Limited 522-2200 [email protected]; [email protected]
Coconut Row Ltd. 615-8115 P.O. Box 196, Dangriga, Hopkins [email protected] www.coconutrowbelize.com
Sagitun Farms Ltd 523-2011 Mile 8, Placencia Highway, Independence [email protected] www.bunchesoffuntours.com
Noawel Fishing & Snorkeling 523-7219 Hopkins Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.noawelsfishingandsnorkeling.com
Patrick Tour Belize 667-8304 Southside Hopkins Village, Hopkins [email protected]
Fully Loaded Tours 670-8699 Tobacco Caye, Stann Creek [email protected]
Your Belize Concierge 651-6599 Newsite, Silk Grass, Silk Grass Village [email protected] .com
Blue Reef Adventures 615-1428 #2 Vista Cove, Plaacencia, Placencia [email protected] www.bluereefadventures.com
J&D Tours and Transfers 633-1889 Hopkins Village, Hopkins Village [email protected] [email protected]
Londolozi Tours 631-8429 #96 Sittee River, Sitte River Village [email protected]
Ash Adventure Tours 663-0255
Brujula Sailing Trips and Transport 607-4080 92 Marina Rd., Sittee River Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.Brujulasailing.com
Angel Falls Extreme Zipline & Rapelling Ltd 610-4348 Mile 27, Hummingbird Highway, Stann Creek District [email protected]; [email protected] sngelfallsbelize.com
Hopkins Stand Up Padle Boarding 650-9040 Lot 3 Sittee Point, Sittee River Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.suphokins.com
Seemore Adventures 667-6626 Hopkins Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.seemoreadventures.com
Viva Grande Tours Ltd. 830-456-8509 2118 Guava Street, Belize [email protected] www.muy-ono.com
Belize Routes & Roots Tours 672-7218 Southside Hopkins Village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.belizerootstours.com
Barebones Tours 677-9303 Monkey River, Stann Creek District [email protected]
Untame Belize 671-5281 12 Miles Pomona village, Stann Creek [email protected] www.untamebelizeeadventures.com
Get To Know Belize Adventure Tours 604-2717 HOPKINS VILLAGE, STANN CREEK, STANN CREEK [email protected]
Logan's Ultimate Adeventure 661-1196 Hope Creek Village, Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District
Mayan World Destination LTD. 670-3018 Mile 22 Southern Highway, Stann Creek District [email protected]
Belize Cultural Adventure Travel Service 501-661-6039 [email protected]
Barbara's Charters and Tours 665-5919 [email protected] www.hopkinstoursbelize.com
Crocodile Research Coalition 670-5852 [email protected]
Tide Tours 615-0310 1 Mile San Antonio Road, Hopeville, Punta Gorda Town, Toledo [email protected] www.tidetours.org
Monkey River Eco Tours 533-3029 General Delivery, Monkey River Village [email protected] www.monkeyriverbelize.net
Natural Adventure Tours 533-3028 General Delivery, Monkey River Village [email protected] www.monkeyriverbelize.com
The Lodge @ Big Falls 732-4444 P.O. Box 103, Big Falls Village [email protected] www.thelodgeatbigfalls.com www.belizebirding.com
Cotton Tree Lodge 670-0557 General Delivery, San Felipe Village [email protected] www.cottontreelodge.com
Toledo Cave & Adventure Tours 615-2124 18 Miles San Anotnio Road, Mafredi Village, Toledo [email protected] www.tcatours.com
Big Falls Extreme Adventures 610-4102 Big Falls, Toledo [email protected] www.bigfallextremeadventures.com
Reef Conservation International 626-1429 Mile 18, Placencia, Stann Creek [email protected] www.reefci.com
Canopy Course & Jungle Tours 653-6533 Mile 21 South, Stann Creek [email protected] mayanskybelize.com
PG Tours 636-6162 #42 Front St., Punta Gorda [email protected] www.pgtoursbelize.com
Ya'axche Conservation Trust 631-2205 #20A George Price St., Punta Gorda Town, Toledo [email protected]
Kaimani Marine Tours 651-8366 74 Front St., Punta Gorda, Toledo [email protected]
Southern Eco Adventure Dive and Fishing Tours 629-9349 71 Far West, Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District [email protected]
South Point Destinations and Tours 637-4638 Rosewood Street, Punta Horda Town [email protected]