BTB Vacancy : Senior Auditor

BTB Vacancy : Senior Auditor

The Senior Auditor plays a vital support role in the performance delivery of the Revenue Collections Unit of the Business Development Department.   The key function of the Senior Auditor is highly technical and aids in ensuring that taxpayers declare and pay all accommodation taxes on a timely basis and the validation of these monthly declarations.  To a lesser extent consideration is also provided for secondary sources of revenues collected by the BTB.  He/she is considered part of the mechanism that enforces the provisions of the legislation governing the Accommodation and Timeshare Sectors.  The Senior Auditor is therefore charged with providing key support to the Revenue Collections Manager and working closely with other members of the Auditing Team to develop and execute the BTB’s compliance/enforcement strategy and Audit Plan that seeks to maximize revenue collections for the BTB.    The Senior Auditor reports the result of his/her job execution to the Revenue Collections Manager, and ensures availability of source documents, working papers and any other relevant information.

Department: Business Development
Project Location(s): #64 Regent Street, Belize City



  • Review monthly tax accommodation revenues and compare trends i.e. for same period in previous year and for the respective destination to ensure accurate declaration and payment of taxes for particular zones.
  • Monitor and prepare monthly reports in relation to late payments, non-filers, nil-filers and arrears and highlight any significant difference
  • Assist the Revenue Collections Manager in the development of the Annual Audit Plan as well as with the development of a Compliance and Enforcement strategy.
  • Conduct field visits to gather information which will aid in the preparation of extensive audits
  • Assist in the monitoring of tax, assessment, collections and taxpayer education.
  • Conduct field visits to complete full audits
  • Assist in educating hoteliers and the general public on the provisions of the Legislations and administrative policies governing Hotels, Tourist Accommodations and Timeshares with a view to increasing compliance.
  • Assist in monitoring Licensed and Unlicensed properties for compliance with all requirements
  • Provide support to the Revenue Collections Manager in aiding with the necessary preparations for presentations and litigation cases.

BTB’s Values: 

Respect:          We respect and trust each other, and we embrace our diversity, talents and experiences.

Integrity:       We act with integrity and are accountable for our actions.

Optimism:      We are optimistic about tourism’s contribution to Belize’s economy and the well-being of its   people, and are confident that, with our partners, we will sustain the industry’s growth.

Courage:         We tirelessly pursue our vision, taking bold action and persevering through challenges


  • Education, experience, skills and abilities:  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.Required (critical to successful job performance)Preferred as an asset
    • Must have an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in Tax Auditing.
    • Previous experience working in auditing in the tourism industry is preferred but not required
    • Excellent knowledge and understanding of Internationally Accepted Accounting Principles.
    • Solid understanding of business transactions, process flows and cycles, preferably of tourism related businesses.
    • Good understanding of the principles of internal controls and risk, and the ability to assess the same.
    • Sound knowledge of the legislations that govern the Accommodation and Time Share sectors.
    • Strong ability to analyze data and financial transactions and formulate valid conclusions.
    • Ability to perform well under pressure and exercise professionalism and good judgment.
    • Good time management skills and ability to meet deadlines.
    • Goals oriented, internally motivated and capable of working with limited supervision.
    • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written.
    • Working knowledge of widely used computerized accounting and reservations software.
    • Good Public Relations Skills and Assertive Personality
    • Ability to communicate in the Spanish language (written and oral) is preferred but not required



    Physical Demands and Working Conditions: the physical skills and demands and the environmental working conditions required by the job.

    This job requires moderate physical demands including constant sitting and constant communicating. Environmental working conditions are normal.


    Other:  (Personal characteristics that contribute to an individual’s ability to excel on the job, or other important information regarding the position or its requirements.)

    • Must be a focused individual and have a strong willingness to learn
    • Must be an honest individual with excellent people skills.
    • Be able to respond rapidly to requests
    • Takes initiative and is self-motivated
    • Is a team player
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